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  1. Secrets of the Secret Place : Keys to Igniting Your Personal Time with God
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Cancel anytime. This book has one purpose: to fuel your passion for the secret place with God.

Secrets of the Secret Place : Keys to Igniting Your Personal Time with God

Divided into 52 short chapters, it can serve as a companion to your devotional life. Not only will this book help to defuse your personal struggles related to the secret place, it will also inspire you to the thrilling exhilaration of developing a personal connection with God. Your heart will be ignited with passion for Jesus, and you will profit from the practical advice on making it work.

I love this book!!!!! I can't express my love for this book in words.

Customer Reviews

I've read this book numerous times. I enjoy reading a chapter a day in this book just to keep it fresh in my spirit. So I thought it would be nice to have the audible version for busy days. However I don't like the reader's voice and how it was read. I feel that it could have been read better and the tone changed in the reading. It was very hard to listen to the book with this tone. I don't want the book to be discarded because of the reader.

Phenomenal book that was challenging and encouraging that I will keep coming back to year after year for depth and study, but as a listener, I would encourage the author to hire a voice over actor to read his books. Just discovered the Bob Sorge series of books. There are only two on audible, but there are several kindle ones. The guy is gifted at finding the right words to motivate anyone. I highly recommend th is book. Absolutely fantastic book. God is definitely speaking through this literature. I will say that the narrator's voice annoyed me beyond measure sometimes.

Dug Down Deep - Secrets of the Secret Place

By giving much time to the secret place. I never consider time invested in the secret place to be wasteful; and even if it is, I gladly waste it upon my Lord!

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One day the vial will be full, and the Lord will take us through the threshold into another dimension of delight and intimacy. Another friend told me she had feelings of guilt over not taking enough time to be with the Lord.

This is a very common feeling, but it is seriously misdirected. Feelings of guilt will never motivate anyone to spend more time with God; in actuality, they will discourage you and make you feel like a failure.

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Guilt has the potential to totally snuff out whatever small flame there presently might be. Guilt is always founded on satanic lies. God is your greatest fan. As your heavenly Father, He is constantly coaxing you forward into the heights of spiritual victory. He sees the spiritual riches available to you, and His heart breaks when He watches you getting bypassed. As though time away from the secret place is a break! So instead of feeling guilty, we should feel ripped off! Let lovesickness arise in your breast. This has to stop, things have got to change. You are my very life, my breath.

Oh, I love You, Lord!

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On a practical note, many of those who have uncovered great joy in their secret life with God have found it necessary to devote a specific portion of the day to meeting with Him. Giving themselves in a disciplined way to a consistent time slot has been very important in finding the higher dimensions of joy and delight. Go with whatever works for you—because the point is to carve out entire chunks of time that we can devote to long and loving meditation on the beauty and splendor of Christ Jesus our Lord.

By adding incrementally you are building your spiritual stamina.