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Nobody survives three lip-synchs, as this brilliant statistician, the Nate Silver of Drag Race , points out. Thanks to Justin for the link. Even though Kandy had built a reputation for her lipsynching skills, Jaidynn outperformed her, in my opinion. Jaidynn moved surprisingly well, especially considering the proportions of her body, no tea no shade no purple hand grenade. You have to see Untucked to appreciate how stealthy she can be with her shade. Max: I agree with Ross and Ariana that Max needs to be who she is, but I also agree with Michelle that we need to see 50 different shades of gray.

She still needs that big breakthrough. Kennedy Davenport: It seems crazy to put Kennedy this low, but the numbers are dwindling. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. RuPaul's Drag Race. S7 E6. TV Show. Episode Recaps Previous. S9 E14 Recap. By Marc Snetiker. S9 E12 Recap. By Carson Kressley. S9 E11 Recap. S9 E10 Recap. S9 E9 Recap. S9 E8 Recap. S9 E7 Recap. S9 E6 Recap. S9 E5 Recap. S9 E4 Recap. By Caitlin Brody. S9 E3 Recap. S9 E2 Recap. S9 E1 Recap. S8 E4 Recap. By Stephan Lee. S8 E3 Recap. S8 E2 Recap. S8 E1 Recap. S7 E12 Recap. That put Belle Jamison is quite the heroine in this superhero-themed paranormal romance.

That puts her on the map for two vying supernatural agencies, one bad and one that works to protect the world from scrims supernatural criminals. She meets super-sexy PSI agent Rome, and sparks fly, literally. Rome might be hot for her body, but his priorities are elsewhere. Can suddenly super Belle save herself, and maybe even the world? This was a fun book. I love superheroes, and I liked the idea that Belle started out so normal. Along with the fun superhero elements, there is sexy, sizzling romance between Belle and Rome. Rome has some interesting secret powers of his own, and that was fun to discover.

I also liked Tanner, the young man who Belle befriends, who turns out to have some abilities of his own. The superpower scenes are exciting, well-written, and often very funny. I could visualize this as a movie very easily. I definitely recommend this book to readers who like superheroes, and want a tough and mouthy lead female who gets to do a whole lot of the saving and buttkicking herself. View all 3 comments. Dec 07, Aly is so frigging bored rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal.

Gena has created a seemingly ditzy heroine and has paired her with the strong, silent type hero, just imagine the sparks that fly. The plot is well-executed and it keeps you on the edge of the seat: Belle has her coffee spiked by a crazy scientist with a formula that gives her power over the el Main characters: Belle Brooks Rome Masters Why I added the book: I signed up for UTCs Gena Showalter challenge Thoughts: The book has the feel of an X-men movie mixed up with some James Bond, it was good :D.

The plot is well-executed and it keeps you on the edge of the seat: Belle has her coffee spiked by a crazy scientist with a formula that gives her power over the elements. Everything goes even worse from there… All the characters are interesting and well rounded, I never felt that I was reading about a cardboard cut-out, they all felt real with emotions, fears and dreams. No fair. I need a name, too. That it was awful. That it was BAD. That it was goddamn awful. You have seen the first entries of the Piper Jones Logs. And you've even seen me use this picture This book though.

This book, it is something else. It has transcended all of the above and created an entire new existance for itself. People, this book made me want to gouge my own eyes out with a spork - not a spoon or a fork, but a fucking spork - and set myself on fire before I plunge head first into liquid nitrogen. I honestly have no idea where to start, this is the worst thing I've read this far. Everything about it is vomit inducing. As it turns out she is now Number 2. One guess who took the Number 1 spot.

Belle Jamison Belle is a Thundercunt. A 28 year old bitch going on 15, she is a jealous, petty, stupid, childish, irrational, useless piece of shit that only cares for herself and her Lust. Yes, capital L cause that girl can drown the galaxy in it. Throughout the whole book her only worries were to give the powers away so she can fuck without consequences. She was whinnying non stop about this. Occasionally she thought about her dad as well. We wouldn't want her to be monotonous now would we?

She couldn't be that bad! Allow me to demonstrate: The book starts with Thundercunt a. She called her boss a perv yet she was the one practically rubbing her boobs in his face so he wouldn't fire her for constantly being late, being rude to everyone and stealing. When said costumer dared to ask her when her coffee was going to be ready, Thundercunt proceeded to insult her.

Cause how dare she! Can't she see she was talking to her friend? Instead she thought she was being good cause she didn't spit in the customers coffee. She got the order wrong of course. And that is not the only job she has demonstrated this behaviour for. Interviewer: I see. Were you fired from each of these jobs or did you quit? Interviewer: Were you let go, then? Me: Yes, but I can explain.

Me: At Harrison and Co. Books, I completely misunderstood the return policy. A simple mistake, really, one anyone could have made. You see, I thought it would be totally fine to take the books home in my bag, read them and return them. Interviewer: Well, uh, hmm. Why were you let go from there? See, there was an unfortunate accident with one of the cars I borrowed. Totally not my fault. Interviewer: Yes, that is important.

Me: Just give me a chance, Mr. A twinge of jealousy ribboned through me, and my hands clenched in my lap. I admit it. But really, she? Just a fact of life. No buts! I studied him, searching for signs of damage. There were no red marks, no blisters. It had worked. Ohmygod, it had really worked! Rome had actually taken my fire into himself and completely tamed it. We could be together. We could make slow, languid love. We could enjoy hard, fast, raunchy sex. All without the fear of consequences. Just the thought was enough to reawaken my desire. Her lust will have no consequences, that is the only goal.

What frightened me, though, was that as I improved I began to enjoy my abilities. Wielding and controlling such power was heady. Intoxicating, like an addictive drug. A wild adrenaline rush. I started to picture the things I could do once I truly mastered these powers. If someone pissed me off, I could burn off his hair. If someone threatened me, I could ice her home. Officer Ken Parton was his name. Guess what? He arrested me. Yep, the stupid prick cuffed me and hauled me down to the station as if I were a hardened criminal.

He booked me and everything. Maybe my comment about his Dolly man-boobs pushed him over the edge. Who knew? So yeah, I now have a record. All because one jerk-off got his jollies from intimidating women. Am I bitter? Hell, yes. Note to self: look up Officer Parton when I return to the city. Planning to hurt someone. No progress. Don't get me wrong, I adore me my villains! But they have to own up to their evil ways, not do what she did which was take it back and whine. Here's the thing: she didn't. She is written in such a way to appear she did but that was only done for the benefit of the reader.

Own it or go home. Someone to balance her out? But Hero was no better than Thundercunt. We barely know anything about him but his actions speak louder than his words. Although is words are vomit inducing when heard along with his actions.

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Let me paint you a little picture: He broke into her house and kidnapped her, scaring the shiznit out of her in the process. He bathed and dressed her while she was unconscious, more than once. I could see the back of my skull every time he spoke or was active in the scene. It was pretty dark in there but the back of my head looked real good. The plot? Mars please tell us there is a plot, good writing, something! All we did was hear Thundercunt be petty, jealous etc, her insecurities in how they will cause Hero to not want to be with her for eternity and how she wants to fuck Hero.

Nothing else matters. No info on the Hero, his boss, his organization. No info about the world, or the enemy. Example: view spoiler [Thundercunt was a walking disaster. Any strong emotion would have set off something: a fire, ice, a storm. Suddenly the Hero can "filter" her emotions that cause these out of control powers and he can absorb the excess, leveling her out.

Book Review: Paper Girl by Cindy R Wilson

No more disasters. Is that explained? He is supposed to be a Shifter, how the fuck can he suddenly take away her excess emotions and out of control powers? Bonus: Hero gets aroused every time he filters her emotions. He has to train not to jump her every time. This is The Progenitor of all Insta-love. She loves him after only knowing him for two and a half days. Her love started literary after their first hour together. His isn't any better of course even though he knows her for longer, she was unconscious for like 2.

Even the resolution of this story arc was beyond stupid! The actual writing isn't any better though. Uselessly overdescriptive, over sexualising simple stuff like the simple act of drinking a glass of OJ. Before you ask: NO, the sexy smexy bits weren't good. In my life this far I have never read anything that actually triggered my gag reflex for real. Until now. Their first kiss scene made me gag, for real realz. All the sexy scenes were the same. The were vomit inducing unsexyness when they didn't make any sense.

Sometimes both at the same time. And speaking of scenes that make no sense, there was a smorgasbord of them in this. Stupid scenes to go with the stupid plot and it's stupid ass characters. Example: view spoiler [She escapes the Hero who kidnapped her, almost burning down an apartment building in the process.

When outside, while she is running from Hero, the Villain suddenly appears. What does she do? She ducks into a car that stopped right before her, since she is standing in the middle of the fucking road and just sits there watching as Villain shoots tranq darts at the car, then at hero, then at car again while advancing to said car.

Only after he is practically at her door does she thinks she needs to leave asap. Now I want to desperately do the same. I will cry-laugh all the way there too. Nov 18, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it it was amazing. I had no clue this book would be as awesome as it was! If anyone has this waiting in their to-red piles, pick it up now! It is awesome. The whole book is so fantastic. I should never have doubted the wise Gena Showalter who has yet to let me down. I think my favorite part about this book is that if you've ever read an interview with GS, she is Belle. The way she talks, the way she thinks, totally sounds like GS.

Being written in first person probably made this such a fun role for her to write. I I had no clue this book would be as awesome as it was! I also don't think the back of the book does it justice. In the opening page, Belle uses "the girls" aka her boobs to make sure her coffee barrista job is secure, since she's running late.

And since her boss is a perv. I'm quoting Shawna who has the best review of this book I've read yet. A mad scientist runs in afraid for his life, she calls , chaos ensues, is contained, she finishes her mocha, and goes home feeling like crap. The scientist spiked her mocha with a highly-sought after formula that changed Belle into Wonder Girl, Periodic Table Chic, Pyro Chica, take your pick!

Really she controls the 4 elements-Earth Wind Fire Air. Meanwhile she flops onto her bed and has awful fever sweats So a week a week! Feeling bossy, she orders him to find her something to drink. After drinking her water she realizes he is real and freaks. Luckily Rome aka Dark Angel, and Agent Kick-ass becomes attached to her immediately, otherwise he'd have to "neutralize" Belle. But Belle isn't having any of that. She uses her new powers right off the bat to try to escape.

But she's too weak. She goes along with Rome til she can escape, meets Crazy Bone aka Tanner who is a 19 year old kid with empathic abilities. They get caught by Rome and she finally trusts him. Hijinks ensue, and they try to get the bad guys. It reminds me kind of like the X-Men but alot of the "mutants" are lab-created. And the bad guys want the strongest to rule the world. Now Rome and several other agents signed up for the testing-he's a jaguar shifter thanks to science. But several have it forced upon them, and like Tanner there are natural-born psychics and empaths. So Rome is like a super cool Agent who hunts down the bad guys trying to rule the world and puts them in the PSI agency he works for jail.

If Belle had decided to go uber-villain on them, she would have ended up there, but since Rome took a liking to her and she's a good guy, she got recruited. Now we move on to her first mission in Twice as Hot This book was hilarious, fun, sexy, steamy, and a thriller all in one. And Rome has the best one-liners in the history of alpha males with one-liners.

View all 4 comments. May 30, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-on-blog , reads , alpha-hero , kickass-heroine , first-person-narration , paranormal-romance , superheroes. The challenge is hosted by Wendy the Super Librarian. I bought Playing with Fire from a used bookstore almost five years ago right after discovering Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series.

I was intrigued by the blurb yet, like so many books that I am reading for this challenge, it got lost on my TBR shelf and I never picked it up. I have three other Gena Showalter books on my TBR shelf so I thought this would be the perfect month to give it a try. This is basically a superhero-themed paranormal romance. The narrator is Belle, a normal girl with a smart mouth and issues keeping a job, whose entire life is changed when she drinks a potion-laced coffee and gains the ability to control the elements.

Things get even more complicated when a sexy paranormal investigator named Rome appears and claims that he has been sent to neutralize her. I found Playing with Fire to be a very fun book. The characters were engaging and well-developed. Belle was really funny and reacted in a similar way to how I probably would have acted in such a scenario. She starts out scared, but quickly gets back on her feet and does everything she can to save herself and those she cares about.

Rome was a sexy, bad boy hero with a major soft spot that had me and Belle sighing with happiness. I also had a blast getting to know the side characters like Belle's blue-haired sidekick, Tanner, and even Rome's ex-lover, Lexis, who avoided the bitter ex cliche well. Belle and Rome's relationship developed quickly, but it never seemed like it was unrealistic due to the dangerous situations they were in.

Showalter also made sure that they actually talked about things besides the supernatural and their physical attraction. Their chemistry is obvious from the first moments they meet and I had not trouble believing that they were a good match. Most of the plot of Playing with Fire surrounded Belle and Rome's attempts to find the doctor who created the formula that gave Belle her powers.


This, obviously, was a lot more complex than they initially thought due to the fact that various paranormal organizations wanted Belle for experimentation and were willing do anything to get their hands on her. The action scenes were well-written and I enjoyed reading about how Belle learned to control her abilities.

All in all, I am glad that I chose this book for this month's challenge. It was very easy to read and just made me smile the entire time. I will definitely be on the look-out for the sequel, Twice as Hot , in the future and recommend it for anyone who enjoys superheroes or just ordinary girls who discover how extraordinary they can be if given the chance.

View 1 comment. Feb 15, Zeek rated it liked it Shelves: romance , pnr. I really love Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series so I'm sorta working my way through her backlist. Playing with Fire came out a couple years back and at the time I remember it getting a generally good reception around the review blogs. Although I can't say as it hit as high for me as The Lords, I found it to be an all right read- but probably only if you're a hardcore paranormal romance fan like me! In Playing with Fire our heroine, Belle Jamison, is secretly dosed with a formula that bri I really love Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series so I'm sorta working my way through her backlist.

In Playing with Fire our heroine, Belle Jamison, is secretly dosed with a formula that brings about superpowers, when a mysterious man in a lab coat runs into the coffee shop she's currently working at. Some menacing secret agent bad guys are chasing the guy and feisty Belle steps up to assist. Only Belle has no idea the stranger has spiked her mocha latte with a formula that is about to turn her world upside down until she wakes up days later with a dark sexy stranger standing over her.

Sexy PSI Superagent Rome Masters is tasked to neutralize Belle if she displays any of the superpowers that will quite possibly allow her to control the elements- The effect of the particular formula given to her. Unfortunately, is she ever displaying them. Fire shoots out her eyes, wind shields arise and she can freeze with just one touch. The only problem? Rome doesn't want to kill this feisty intriguing woman.


So rather than bringing her in, he kidnaps her under the guise of aiding him in saving his daughter. Hijinks ensue, as she learns to control her new found powers and they work to evade the bad guys who are out to destroy them both. Okay, I had a few issues with this one. Mostly, Belle was way to smart-alleky for my taste. I just couldn't see what would make the brooding, sexy Rome fall for a silly girl like her. Because of this, I never really felt their connection was true and thereby couldn't really get into it like I should have.

It's an interesting world Ms. Showalter's playing; it reminded me quite a bit of the tv show Heroes. But this one I can't really say will be my favorite of the lot- which I DO plan on reading!

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View all 5 comments. I've been reluctant to read this one, and it was all due to a misunderstanding. This was completely the opposite of what I was expecting. I think it's a unique topic in a way. This girl named Belle is sort of down on her luck. She's looking for another job to help support her ailing father, and currently she's working in a coffee shop. During her shift, this guy in a lab coat comes running in and th I've been reluctant to read this one, and it was all due to a misunderstanding.

During her shift, this guy in a lab coat comes running in and that's when her life changes. Turns out, she now has some elemental powers, although she can't control it. Now all these people want her for a different reason, and she's running trying to keep her own life safe and find someone who can fix her. The reason I ended up giving it 4 stars rather than 5 was because of some of the dialogue.

There were some annoying quotes throughout the book where it seemed the author was trying to hard for it to be funny. Also, one of the side characters was a teenager and tried to speak like Snoop Dog. And if you've ever heard Snoop Dog talk in that ridiculous language he made up, then you know why it annoyed me.

Other than that minor irritation, I enjoyed the book immensely. I always like when I pick up a book and I feel I can't put it down. This was one of those books. By reading the description I just wasn't that interested and I don't know where I got the idea it was YA. But I should have known since it was Showalter that it was going to be a good book, and it was. I can't wait until the sequel comes out in January. Very nicely done Showalter View all 6 comments.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Belle is flaky, whiny, bitchy, and self-sabotaging. When she encouraged her boss to sexually harass her in order not to get fired, I lost all respect for her. She had the occasional halfway decent one-liner and comeback but overall it came across like the author was trying too hard. I certainly never understood why Rome liked her. Apart from being physically attractive and concerned about his daughter, there was nothing to Audiobook.

Apart from being physically attractive and concerned about his daughter, there was nothing to him. Tanner the sidekick was a caricature of a surfer-dude trying to emulate Snoop Dogg. I liked the ex-wife Lexis so much more than Belle. The plot took forever to go anywhere. I was treated to Belle endlessly lusting after the stranger that broke into her apartment, drugged her, and kidnapped her.

He is hot, you know.