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Now a mature and sexy Aiden is determined to turn their Italian fling into everlasting amore…. Special Releases. Model Bailey Hamilton made headlines when she was kidnapped and then rescued. Now, TV documentary producer Micah Jones has made her an offer she wants to refuse: a candid interview to stop wild rumors that threaten her career. Micah's tempting Bailey to let down her barriers and give in to passion.

The last person to interview Bailey before she was taken, Micah blames himself for what happened. Determined to make amends, he's blindsided by his desire for the exotic Manhattan model.

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Speculation about her disappearance thrusts Bailey into the eye of the storm again, and their affair could be over before it begins. Will Micah uncover the truth and avoid the media circus that could cost him his future with the woman he loves? Second-Chance Christmas. Have Yourself a Merry Tempting Holiday!

Is he too sweet to be real? It's not unusual for Carter Drayson to be swayed by a pretty face. The artisan baker is a connoisseur of feminine beauty, and when sweet, delicate Lorraine walks into Lillian's bakery, he thinks only of how soon he can have her. Little does Carter know that she is Lorraine Hawthorne-Hayes, heiress to a jewelry dynasty. And he never expected her to make him feel this way Lorraine is wary of Carter with good reason-too many men have fallen in love with her bank account and not her heart.

But Carter has a fortune of his own, and in his arms Lorraine discovers a passion she's never known. Is she just his treat of the week? Available for in paperback and ebook! Self-Published eBook Releases. Valentine's Day novella. February As owner of Your Wildest Dreams, Erica Cole specializes in creating over-the-top fantasy date nights for her clients, although she never anticipated the headaches that would come with owning her own business. When a consulting firm shows interest in franchising Your Wildest Dreams, Erica is over the moon at the thought of her longtime dream becoming a household name…and the financial payoff that is sure to come.

The former tech company CEO has found his true calling, creating high-end chocolates for the discerning palettes of New Orleanians…and the best friend whom he wishes were more, Erica Cole. Available in eBook:.

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  • July However, a stud-for-hire is exactly what Asia Carpenter is looking for. The career-minded PR Crisis Manager is completely blindsided when her ideal man dumps her for another woman, leaving her with a broken heart Available in eBook from these retailers:. Moments in Maplesville. It's no mystery why veterinarian Callie Webber is having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. When the residents of her small hometown aren't pitying her because of her ex-husband's very public departure, they're attempting to hook her up with a man Fed up with being everyone's favorite charity case, Callie considers closing her animal clinic and moving to the big city.

    But, before she goes, she decides to give herself a Christmas treat to remember: a romantic holiday fling. And who better to have a fling with than the gorgeous newcomer who is turning heads around Maplesville? When injured Navy pilot Stefan Sutherland reluctantly rescues a gutter cat for the sake of his five-year-old nephew, he never imagined it would lead to him discovering Maplesville's most fascinating attraction.. Getting involved with a woman was the last thing Stefan anticipated when he agreed to care for his nephew during his Army nurse sister's deployment, but if he's going to spend the holidays in this sleepy Southern town, why not make the most of it with the perfect holiday fling?

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    • Available in eBook format at these online retailers:. Sometimes a girl can't help being a little bit naughty Jada Dangerfield was living her fairy tale—married to her high school sweetheart and working in her dream job—until it all came crashing down. Mason Coleman relishes his career as a high-powered tax attorney, but his most important job is keeping the promise he made to his father to watch out for his baby sister When he learns that his sister may be in trouble, Mason is forced to call on the one person he's never been able to abide, her brash and sexy friend, Jada Dangerfield.

      There's just one problem When this unlikely pair is forced to work together, things get a little bit naughty. Moments in Maplesville Book 3 - January Bayou Dreams Series. Or the love of her life? In high school, Mya was Corey's girl. Now she's a sought-after Broadway designer who won't give the former pro-baseball player the time of day. Until they're brought together to revive their close-knit community This time, Corey isn't letting her get away.

      Not when he has a second chance to win back his first-and only-love. Available in paperback and ebook! Book 2 in the Bayou Dreams series- January Huddle With Me Tonight After a run of lousy luck, Phylicia Phillips is finally close to reclaiming her cherished girlhood home in Louisiana. But before she can buy it back, Jamal Johnson beats her to the punch.

      The renowned architect plans to completely renovate the old place-and he wants Phylicia to help him! She doesn't trust Jamal, but she's helpless to fight the passion building between them. Until Jamal finds out the house was in Phylicia's family for generations. Blindsided by his desire for this alluring beauty, Jamal vows to transform their working relationship into an intimate one. But will threatening troubles from the past keep them from building a blueprint for love? New York Sabers Football Series. All Paige Turner wants is to be taken seriously as a journalist.

      The entertainment columnist and blogger extraordinaire gets more notoriety than she planned when her scathing review of NFL superstar Torrian Smallwood's memoir sparks and online confrontation. Torrian can't let Paige derail his dream of a new career as a restaurateur.

      Pakistan and the Winning Gene Missing Link

      Even if the sassy, sultry writer is making America's favorite wide receiver yearn to be on the receiving end of her desire. And with a reality TV cook-off propelling them into the spotlight, Torrian can no longer hide his passionate secret goal--to build a future with the woman who's making an end run around his heart Available in paperback and ebook:. Cedric Reeves has just been sidelined, and the bad-boy pro footballer suddenly finds himself without an agent or a prayer of getting back in the game. What he needs is someone pulling for him A media-hounded celebrity like Cedric is just what the ambitious up-and-comer Payton needs to jump-start her career.

      That's why she's waging a no-holds-barred campaign to land the Saber running back as her first client. But how's the NFL sports agent supposed to keep things strictly professional when Cedric pursues her with a passion no sane woman can resists? Could this sexy bad boy be good for her after all? Life is one endless touchdown for Jared Dawson.


      Until the former playboy and star corner back for the New York Sabers discovers his girlfriend in bed with another man. Reeling from the betrayal, Jared returns to his flings-with-no-strings ways. But no man can walk away from Chyna McCrea. There's nothing more fun than family movie night at the theater.


      And children — not to mention parents — are in luck in , because there are a lot of exciting kids' movies in the lineup. For starters, there are so many favorites who are returning to the big screen for more adventures: Get excited for new Star Wars , another go-round with the furious avians of Angry Birds , and, of course, the long-awaited sequel to Frozen.

      In our list, you'll find new stories that include familiar faces. There's a meta Dora the Explorer movie that follows Dora through her teenage years, an animated version of The Addams Family that looks more like the old cartoons, and a big-screen movie adaptation of the musical Cats that seems almost like a fever dream. But most exciting is the brand-new offerings, like a movie based on Playmobil toys, two animated films about the search for a Yeti in the mountains of Tibet, and an animated adventure that has Will Smith as the voice of a super-spy who somehow gets turned into a pigeon.

      Just save us a seat at Frozen 2.

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      Arthurian legend gets a PG twist in this movie about a year-old who unknowingly pulls the famed sword from the stone, setting him on a path to fight the evil Morgana. Now, Hiccup is chief and his village is under threat, leading him and Toothless to go off in search of a world that might only exist in Viking lore. This movie follows an imaginative girl named June who spends all her time as a child dreaming up an elaborate amusement park.

      As an adult, June finds her park out in the real world, and realizes that she has to save it from evil forces. If your kids are as enchanted with the park as June is, they're in luck — Nickelodeon plans on running a TV series based on the movie. Disney continues to remake its classic animated films with three live-action-and-CGI re-dos this year.

      The first was Dumbo , the heartstring-tugging tale of the flying elephant, which stars Colin Farrell as the circus' elephant caretaker. The movie is directed by Tim Burton. From Laika, the studio that made Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings , comes another film done in the stop-motion animation style. Every year around Earth Day, Disney releases a documentary about one of the planet's most amazing creatures. We bet you didn't know you needed a movie based on those freakishly cute stuffed animals! Ryan Reynolds is the voice and motion-capture face of fuzzy Detective Pikachu , a family noir based on a game of the same name.

      Everyone knows that the greatness of an Aladdin movie rests on its genie, and this one is no slouch: Will Smith has stepped into the role. The sequel to The Secret Life of Pets delves deeper into what our kitties and pooches are doing while we're away. As with the first movie, this one is stacked with a voice cast of comedians, including newcomers Patton Oswalt who's replacing Louis C.

      Road trip! Woody, Buzz, and all the gang, including a new character named Forky , all take to the road in the newest installment of the Toy Story franchise. But star Tim Allen wasn't kidding when he said it was going to be emotional , so bring the tissues. It's amazing there hasn't been a full-length, live-action Dora the Explorer movie before now. This one looks to be adventure-filled and action packed, as Dora has to navigate the wilds of an untamed world — high school — before she heads back to the jungle to try to save her lost parents.

      Though you may have moved on from the game on the small screen, the birds and pigs are still getting into trouble on the big screen. Only this time, they just might have to team up to fight a common enemy. Missing Link isn't the only Yeti-related movie this year: DreamWorks has a film about a group of teens who want to reunite an Abominable Snowman with its family. Angelina Jolie reprises her role as one of the scariest Disney villains of all time, in a movie that further delves into the relationship between the witch and princess Aurora.

      This is an underdog story, almost literally, about an arctic fox who tries to combat a plot to melt the arctic with a rag-tag team of snowy animals. This is it: The big one for Either way, you know you're in for it: See you all at the theater Thanksgiving weekend. We live in a golden age where every toy set you had as a kid will get its own feature film in The gang has returned to Jumanji to rescue one of their own — only to learn that the game has changed. Will they make it out again?