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This categorizing must stop immediately. Only those interested in perpetuating white race division, like the ruling Establishment and their anti-white propaganda media insist on labelling political groups from the left and far right, neatly ignore the race's ultimate desire for white unity. That's why they hate the very idea of a racial white nationalist state, especially in the New World White racists should dance only to their own tune, not wait for 'approval' from fiscal kosher conservatives or greedy too-individualistic followers of the Russian Jews Ayn Rand Alisa Rosenbaum or the two-Marys' Semitic god cult Christian followers and lovers of Zionists' Israel the original Semitic Godcult-state now with nukes and a space program.

Race trumps religion, even though God-belief fanaticism knows no bounds. In the end they don't have common sense, good will and fair play, the corner stones of white nationalists for all racists of all races if they want to succeed. Anything that divides the white people is no good for them. It's common sense, so let's not let lousy greed divide us on the 'left' and 'right' when we could all be goodwill populists. I hate the cheapskates in power pretending they're out to save your civilization and race before they are elected. That's not what they said.

That's not fair. White nationalists are above penny-pinching budgets palying to the globalist bankers. Race and culture are more important than balanced budgets. Whte nationalists will never sell their people out for a few dollars more that encompasses the entire world APRIL 5. If I know my history and religions the three Semitic God-cult faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam have saved thousands and killed millions. But people can be good, moral and principled without lying to any god-cult religion.

That's all they are-- let's not raise them to racists just because one may have a preponderance of a certain element or another. In the final analysis birds of a feather flock together. White Nationalists are not against people of faith as long as they have common sense, good will and fair play in their minds when it comes to their racial survival. Unfortunately, only women-dominated whites have to be lectured on the importance of racial survival until it's too late. Fortunately, the white population has self-sacrificing men and women aware of the present dangers of immigration, migration and the low-replaceable birthrate.

Recent tragic events have alertred the anti-white race establishment and media to the danger we pose to their inane rules of multiculturalism and divesrity that are garaunteed to create the end of our white race's voice and existence. Whites are always hard to satisfy. In the future when working with Semitic god-cultists I'm reminded of the time when I was the hardline anti-communist street thug leader of the Edmund Burke Society, whose motto was from one of his quotes: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing".

When I was a selfish Libertarian like Ayn Rand, a young moderator and a late-twenties girl my age at the time said to me when I offered her the EBS mailing list, "Check your premises! That's what I say to all the cultists --race trumps religion. You can always leave a cult, but never your race. No matter what the god created us that you claim says, history proves racists right. I expect to be censored by the anti-white globalist corporations like Facebook and Instagram next week for advocating white nationalism on the Internet and in general politics and elections.

Finally, I get some notice. However, our goals have been achieved. White Nationalism is an option for our race, thanks to the few but in tune racists who have reflected the ideas and ideology of white nationalism fo our people, President Donald Trump may be right --there isn't that many of us publicly, but the national racial unity and sentiment is espoused by millions of whites like those who elected Trump president.

White racists are the tip of the iceberg, racemixed America's last gasp at maintaining a white culture and civilization in North America before they are entirely swamped by nonewhite migrants eager to get the benefit of whites' society before they disappear into an isolated pocket minority.

All white racists can pat themselves on the back for their resilient perseverance and loyalty to a cause that most people take for granted -- the existence of our race and culture. Whatever Facebook, etc. We at the Nationalist Party have seen it all before: police house raids, hate crime charges, convictions and prison, not to mention all the social and financial costs to bring our views forward. It's called free speech -- a staple of the white man's way to give and enjoy life as we do.

A lot has been accomplished by proud white nationalists who have introduced such concepts to the enemy globalist cultist Jewsmedia which wouldn't dare block black nationalists or separatists, just whites. Whatever happens, you can count on the NPC leadership not to fail their mission. All racists are self-sascrifing prophets, and it's White Nationalism, or Bust!

Thanks for your support. Donald Trump popularized the term 'fake news' when he was being attacked by the Jewsmedia for supposedly being connected somehow or othr to Vladimir Putin's Russia through his business dealings and scandalous connections, all to pry him away from his patriotic but now white racial base of supporters. The last people to define fake news are the perpetrators of it -- the Jewsmedia and their 'independent' lackeys. Only the opposition to the globalist anti-white racist media can point out fake news practiced by our enemies, giving substance to nothing really, like the SNC Lavalin case in Canada and the problems the young feminist Libreral prime minister Justin Trudeau has with nonwhite feminists in his cabinet when he tried to get contacts for his French Canadian kith and kin to save jobs in privileged Frech-speaking Quebec, where they get votes all the time.

This keeps up the useless, buggy bilingualism that led to the dangerous, deadly policy of multiculturalism for all white in the new Canada. It's the same in America with the Mueller investigation, et al. There is so much time wasted on a report to come that no one knows what it's all about to begin with, let alone explain it to the mesmerized public that somehow. There are political junkies who live off this fake news waste of time distractions while the country is being overrun by fast-breeding strangers; Jewsmedia morons print a dozen stories in one paper alone on the SNC Lavalin payoff conspiracy that goes nowhere and names no names Tell them It's sad but true: white racists white nationalists, because we want our own Constitutional Racist State have been empowered by a mean massacre of unarmed nonwhite Muslim civilians at prayer to their Semitic cult god, not the ideal white man's way.

Children were killed and remain injured in hospital. Now the hateful enemies of white nationalists are paying attention, along with their anti-white Jewsmedia so far away to pillory us, but soon, to what we think, say and want. White identity politics have been achieved as we have said by Donald Trump's election. Now it's time to think about white nationalism -- a phrase that almost chokes our idiot detractors every time they have to use it LOL! Whites' anti-racism has no future --if it does it will mean the extinction of the species as the white traitors try to replace ordinary freedom-loving whites with cheap labor from the overpopulated Third World that the same idiots caused with continuous meddling and aid that Earth's nature cannot handle..

Paul is a good spokesman for the Yellow Vest anti-globalist French movement, attacking and burning banks and ransacking a secret society's temple of Freemasons in Paris--the tools of anti-white globalism and power. From now on, when a white racist writes to the cowardly pundit traitors of the media they will listen and defintely will worry about the consequences of being rude or ignoring our ultimate beefs, Fifty innocent dead is a wake up call that we will not be ignored , even if it's only by the police as their commie anti-hate squads go into action to make more martyrs and many white racists who can become killers at 28, like the man in New Zealand who says he planned his action for two years, knowing that white traitors would not listen and change the immigration policies of once-white homelands back to where they were before this race war started.

The biggest disappointment for white racists is most of our hedonistic , feeble, and barren racemixing white women. We have been too nice towards them as they stab us in the back. No other race treats their women better and this is what we get in return, treachery? They are not a race, just a race, just a Semitic god cult that has been Europeanized through their wanderings; don't escalate them further.

We have expressed sympathy with lost ISIS children to b brought back to their parents' countries of origin. We have even admired the Islamists' dedication to make theocratic Muslim states all over Africa and Asia as long as they do it there. White racists are not meddlers or warmongers-- we'll leave that to the still-ruling Jew oligarchs while they last.

There is no reason for revenge. Our real enemies are us Thanks for listening. It's been said that at one time, all gods were true. It must have been a Protestant church with those light wooden pews -- with not a soul in sight. Things are not much better the other two Semitic god-cult religions of Judaism and Islam submission. Jews, especially in Israel, can't decide whether they want to be a religion or some kind of Hellenic Zionist secular Judaism there's an oxymoron for you.

What's that tell you, when Israel can't buy any Arab Semite country's leadership and they all go to hating the upstart state which has one more generation twenty years to last as long as the religious fervored Crusader states supported by Western Europe. Ordinary Muslims in the West and East have displayed a cowardly attitude for their religion and all-powerful Allah. They have not shown any religious zeal for their young Jihadists as the unbelievers pound them daily with air and land invasions.

Modern white society has not had a good look at the three Semitic god-cults. Most whites are supicious of their desires. Today, most churches are empty on Sundays; Jews are pretending that they are a race and a religion, where the female only makes Jews and Islam is being pushed to the periphery of civilization as humanity takes an interest in nature, race and identity, especially in still-white countries bedevilled by globalist cultist cults that ignore Man's need to belong on Earth.

Adios God be with you! Anti-whites' official multiculturalism in the white women-electors' country of Canada has brought out the natural racism of nonwhites as they appear for public office. Blacks and East Indian Asiatics show the least outward signs of racism in front of Canadian whites. Some were brought as slaves, others as servants; most foreign born blacks and East Indians are generously courteous to whites, almost out of pity as they see that our social dysfunctional white society is disappearing through the lack of white childbirths compared to them.

Not so with our newly-arrived Orientals! Chinese Canadians are a force unto themselves; they are an ancient-cultured populous people who have never been colonized or "civilized" by white meddlers. Their civilization stands on its own. Now they will try to copulate with effeminate Western civilization. That's when they get into politically-incorrect public trouble when they speak the truth to their own kind about other races' candidates in upcoming elections.

Case in point -- the now-removed Liberal candidate Karen Wang in a British Columbia riding who dared to remind her Oriental constituents that her opponent was an East Indian, utilizing identity politics as her path to electoral victory. Multiculturalism will bring out lots of the kind of politicking in the future, when dwindling whites will have little to say, other than look for a white candidate. That's the problem with unnatural anti-racism -- it's a white invention, made by unreproductive white self-loathers with a guaranteed ending of oblivion.

Multiculturalism means death for a white society by a thousand little cuts. Natural racism is on the rise with whites, too. Every day more white racism is realized as we become a minority in our own countries with wicked commies' multicult and immigration policies and Orwellian hate laws to keep whites silent. Now they have to shut up the Orientals and their natural racist tendencies. Like the idiots' multiculturalism, it won't work Today there's a plethora of pro-white political activity and commentary in every nook and cranny of white society.

Race is a natural phenomenon which trumps man-made fantasies in the final analysis. It's a slow process by the foundations of future white constitutional racist states is guaranteed. When push comes to shove and natural whites are up against the wall by lesser undeserving people pushing globalism and white self-loathing, even the anti-establishment European phenomenon of the anti-globalist Yellow Vests is considered part of the white racists' rebellion. By then, there are the Deep State opponents are running around like the famous Norwegian painting "The Scream" every time we aee and hear the enemies of white nationalism whine, generally, they're very good at having been brought up in a matriarchy.

Meanwhile, I send a thousand blessings on each and every one of our followers who have common sense, good will and fair play on their minds. Bless you. However, nature will out and weirdo multicult theories with no basis in history or common sense are finally going down the drain. President Donald Trump's election was the first public participation of fed-up whites try to take back their power and place in the sun, something white racists have been working on for years.

Let's give credit where credit is due.

duplicity Manual

With every new century, mankind forgets the first twenty years. We all remember the Roaring 20's the dirty thirties, the war forties the happy naive fifties, the tumultuous sixties, the the hippie seventies, the spoiled 'Goldbergs' eighties, the last-gasp nineties, nonwhites are readying for the victorious 's, when race is all and politics will be decided by the color of your skin, not your pocketbook as North America fragments on an ethnic basis.

This is why our white nationalist politics and leaders are so important today. They are setting the stage for the future resistance, not only in North America, but in nonwhite migrant-flooded Europe too. This is why white nationalist leaders should not be in hiding behind pseudonymns or addresses, because it is our public thinking that is guiding our followers of the future.

Important issues like race relations, crime and foreign racemixer meddling must be dealt with a common sense, good will and fair play attitude without the the old Jewish American Empire shibbolets of foreign in invasions for security reasons and greedy capitalist trade policies that have not even provided health care to the citizens of one of the richest nations on Earth by dividing the populace on a have and have-not basis capitalism vs.

Our enemies don't have a legitimate answer to our natural racial ideology. Future generations are seeing that already; judging by the great interest in our sites and policies. White nationalists, certainly, have removed the gauze of holiness from the ruling religions of mean Semite cults, unlike the primitives in patriarchal Muslim countries. Dwindling white Semitic god-cult effeminate Christians have not stood up to the plate to defend our racial integrity and nationality.

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Natural racism stands on its own for all races. Let the followers of the three Semitic cults live up to our standards of racial awareness and security as they willing in the future, or be relegated to nonwhites' territories for their racial treachery. White Nationalists have also moved away from so-called conservatives.

They have been a bugaboo for decades, always pretending they're going to do something for white society, but always end up just for the rich and privileged as they create more poor whites with every one of their cheapskate cost-cutting regimes while secretly being in favor of globalism and money, people and factory moves around the world. White nationalists have done a lot of growing up from years of naivete, relying on the establishment institutions to save their bacon. That's all out now.

If we go back to the loser past, we will only have ourselves to blame. Racial politics is the wave of the future. Anyone who doesn't agree with that is an enemy of the white people, pure and simple. That's how all leaders in the future should be judged -- racially. And they will be, thanks to our perseverance and foresight.

If you're a white nationalist pat yourself on the back today -- you're in tune with Nature, doing God's work, maintaining his Creations. Bless you all. White North Americans today need a racial border wall from the rest of the racemixed burgeoning population of Latin America along the Mexican border. It won't stop the Latinos from coming in entirely or curtail their high birthrate, especially for those already among us but it will place a minimum effort to stand up and try to "preserve" our white race and subconscious identity.

It will be thought of for centuries. Built by the largest 'family' on the planet , the Han Chinese , the Great Wall of China was keep the Huns and other primitive Asian steppe people from descending on civilized China as they did successfully for a while, once a Hun sat on the Han throne. Today we call this country Hungary White Nationalists of all stripes must be for building the racial wall if not only for the mental concept, but because our self-loather anti-white racist enemies have no legitimate argument against security ans dwindling white society is bored with nonwhite crime more and more every day so much that even our white enemies are afraid and certainly won't argue for open borders or face derision from any crowd.

They have no cohesive argument against preserving our white identity society, especially if the opposite is mayhem and pandemonium as in the White man's last days in black and racemixed criminally-chaotic South Africa. However, peacefully and with common sense, good will and fair play. That's why white nationalists are here You know you're on the right track when all your enemies are against action such as pulling the US troops our of foreign wars like Syria and Afghanistan.

All these wars pauperize our white countries while bringing in thousands of nonwhite "refugees" and local collaborators and traitors to their own people to cause turmoil in whites' lands. The globalist Jewsmedia in particular has shown itself to be war meddlers and foreign aid proponents who are hatefully anti-white racist idiots at all times. We have been petitioning President Trump to withdraw troops from these easteful wears that kill and cripple thousands A Put-in stooge in Russia ibn a Third World country that might last a generation?

It's not worth it while billions of tax dollars that could be spent on our poor ad health care is wasted in military hardware and more foreign aid and migrants from that war-torn area that we helped to create. Canada is the worst example of a woman-voter meddler mercenary nation for others' causes.

Some people are stupidly proud of Canada's troops "keeping the peace" in Third World countries while allowing more immigrants into our country from those blighted planes. This idiocy must stop. The "peacenik" enemies have failed to the people; the real anti-war populace are the white nationalists. We don't meddle like busybody women-- we mind our own business and hate war. That's the white man's way: common sense, good will and fair play is all we ask.

Compluiment President Trump on his anti-war decisions we will. And curse the warmongers. Foreigners, defend yourselves or die -- the Jewish American empire won't save you. White nationalists have been betrayed many times by so-called fiscal conservatives, and just greedy capitalist cheapskates who don't have the milk of human kindness to take care of their own kith and kin -- a term that police agents despise. They don't want us to be portrayed as good guys. There are still many kosher conservatives pretending to be white nationalists until they are so pressed on the question of racism that they're quick to deny it.

Cheapskates are an embarrassment in any society; it's an awful policy to base your political society, always working against the koshers in the long run when the populace is sick and tired of the tight-fisted fiscal cuckservatives that real racists like to avoid. They get ousted for a more libreral regime friendler to the poor.

So it will be with Trump and Ford in the future-- unless they turn to the more generous populism that even Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's Liberals eschew. White racists need to remake their image and not allow the Jewsmedia to dictate who they are. Are we going to leave the field to them to take care of our own kith and kin?

The answer is obvious: populism is best. Ever since the 'fake news' charges, the mainstream media has lost touch with the public. There are so many names of proven and suspected liars around Trump that nobody believed anything they or what the media pundits say. The multicult experiment has failed miserably. No one is falling for it anymore This cannot go unanswered, as it is a test for women-elected pretty boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and fiscal conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford to show their vaunted nationalism and prevent the closure of these important facilities in Canada, not just their "we are disappointed" standard BS that we are all used to when it comes to globalist treachery.

Talk is cheap -- we need action. Large multinational corporations should be broken up and submit to the laws and needs of the countries they orginate in. Otherwise they should be kicked out and we will start our own companies, nor for driverless or electric cara, in our supposed future. Anyone who doesn't bring up the facts of these corporations operating cheaply in blighted Third World is a globalist and an anti-white racist who dies not have our best wishes at heart -- just their pocketbooks.

We encourage all to join the fray against internationalist greedbags and their political flunkies, by sending emails, tweets, letters and phone calls to newspapers, media pundits and politicians to save our automaking economy that effects millions of Canada with this anti-white treachery in a country full of immigrants and migrants favored by anti-racists. Don't let them get away with it. Being in the White Nationalist movement for about 50 years, you should know that I have all kinds of "friends" of every color and from every religious persuasion.

Believe it or not, I believe in the principles of common sense, good will and fair play to all and expect the same in return; there are the ones who are friends with me, political and non-political, from coffee shop methadone addicts to longtime followers. I met Steve "The Jew" --that's how he was known in our circle -- I'll leave out his last name for the sake of his family at a crowded coffee shop where we happened to share a table. Steve The Jew was a gambler: horses, casinos, and sports events.

Eventually he'd get to the shop and hold the table for us a our seating arrangements. Steve had a bad habit of holding out his hand to anyone who out theirs in their pocket and came out with money to pay for anything. He was a bit of yutz with his wimpy mannerisms and very slow , deliberate walk, but he made it to the coffee shop from the native housing complex he was able to get into or to the local synagogue on Saturdays. He wasn't crippled, he was just physically slow but mentally agile. He would dish out clever rebuttals to criticism; he knew very well who I was -- a white supremacist neo-Nazi racist.

He never had any arguments against my political position. I think he looked upon me as his thug Semitic protector. Steve was so inoccuous, but funny, that he was regular at my kitchen table suppers I held for hardcore followers and political hangers-on at my monthly Sunday afternoon dinners. Steve was a good listener and had his own chair in a crowded kitchen-- a big rolling chair because he stayed still and close to the table. Every now and then I drove him to his Semitic god cult's temple synagogue.

He always assumed I knew all the Jewish high holidays and celebrations. I never once had a political or social disagreement with this Europeanized globalist Jew remember, race trumps religion. We only discussed the foibles and failures of the many coffee shop characters that we knew of all races and sexes. Suggested agents and other undermining types often gravitated toward Steve, but he never repeated any of their criticisms and seemed there as telephone pals.

I wailed at the news with him on hearing it. His last days were spent at a nearby hospital in a private room. It was rumored he had lots of money because he collected coins and stamps, some of which he gave me out of the blue and out of friendship; all that knowledge, prayers and money couldn't save him as he died at the fairly young age of On my last visit to the hospital the poor guy couldn't speak and had a pad to write down his thoughts in very small printing; I had to get close to his face to read it.

His last words to me, sadly were "Do you have any painkillers? His family came to clean out his apartment; the rest was given to "You Got Junk". After he told me of his cancer, I said to him, "Hey pal, you made an impression of your life with people", and gave him a hug; I think I saw his eyes glaze over-- I know mine did as I left.

Steve knows that his wandering spirit is welcome in my house, like all my friends in the next dimension. Take care, pal. I was talking to a new guy I met the other day who knows all about me and conspiracy theories, but I was surprised to learn that he didn't even own a television. I touched on some political propaganda emenating from the entertainment Jewsmedia. I told him he was crazy-- if you want to advise others, you'd better be informed, especially about the Jewsmedia. I try to watch all the "popular stuff" occasionally for entertainment but mostly for information about the methods and angles that racemixing, diversity, perversion and globalism is peddled on the airwaves and in print by our enemies.

One of the most popular shows, that's been running for ten years, has been the insidious propagandist fantasy comedy "Modern Family", filled with perversion and immorality. The women are all loud macho feminists such as Phil's wife Clare played by Julie Bowen, a real-life lesbian , and Gloria, the bosomy young Latino married to the old white drone. They also have children for the young viewers, immoral examples that many fans have watched grow up for the show's ten-year run.

Not only do queers and lesbians watch this childish comedy-drama, but also the kids and fans of couch potato O'Neill, not to mention Latinos who take great pride in watching the old white guy under the thumb of one of their own because of her big tits and ass. It's a wide-ranging audience that's roped in to peddle the subtle propaganda of the clever, conniving, snooty queer writers who show their personal bigotry, with the show's snide remarks about the homosexuals adopting a Vietnamese girl with anti-Oriental quips like that of Luke Dunphy: "I didn't know her eyes could show emotion", or neo-complimentary swipes at knowing Jews who "know a good deal when they see one".

Comedy is the best way to bring a point across without being real; that's what the editor of the scurrilous about the anti-Jew paper the Your Ward News said when confronted with threatening charges here in Toronto, Canada -- he was "just kidding". The Jews see the writing on the wall-- that race is all, and everything else is second, including the Semitic god-cults that have come from the Middle East Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Judging by the empty churches, many whites are choosing to do so.

Modern Family is so white-centered, with blacks and Orientals occasionally appearing but having very minor roles, so much so that you wouldn't believe it is set in California, full of Latinos and other races. But you wouldn't know it, because diversity goes out the door when frightened, haughty homosexuals are in charge. It's only out there for show and to bring pressure on the rest of us for multiculturalism and racemixing, and the precious diversity that they don't practice. You can't stick your head in the sand and pretend that this rotten world doesn't exist.

Whites must take over their media while demanding the anti-white identity sentiment does not permeate the public. Modern Family is not the only so-called comedy with anti-white propaganda, from afraid-to-be black "Black-Ish" to the new show that makes fun of old people "The Cool Kids". White racists must be on the ball to condemn and demand changed to these so-called rude and crude the Jews' way comedies whenever watching this "funny" crap.

So in this age of e-mails. It's a human tendency to rest on your oars when they think the job is done The enemies of the white people have been pointed out and proscribed by the President of the most powerful country on Earth, Donald Trump, president of the USA. However the resurrection of white pride society and culture is far from over as our dwindling white self-loather enemies and their globalist racemixing propagandist media dwindles with every new election in the white world. Our unnatural anti-white racist race traitors are losing ground everywhere through their barrenness attrition and racemixing and going full throttle to bring in nonwhite migrants from all over the world to brown our civilization and the DNA-recessive white race to extinction.

This, all to the handiwork of white nationalists everywhere who have spearheaded the white renaissance movement to the notice of a clever businessman who got himself elected president-- Donald Trump. Oh sure, the so-called conservative cuckservatives globalist Jews have noticed the trend and are trying to buy into the white nationalist revival by pretending to agree-- just to a point with white identity conspirators in politics in politics and culture.

White Nationalists' credibility has risen --nor only from the occasional advocate who "pops off" in a murderous rage but from our natural racist position that none of the white race traitors or other nonwhite racist hypocrites can argue with The racemixing Semitic God cults and religions are going down the drain, helped along by Islamic fanatics and arrogant Jew cult overlords. Only our natural white racist feelings , common sense, good will and fair play can save us from the white breeds planned for by our enemies.

Let's double down on our important work.. Are you with us? Our future depends on it. American Jews have overplayed theie hand with all the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth around the massacre of eleven old Jews in a rich Pittsburgh synagogue. Instead of citing the tragedy as the work of a maniac as Trump said, they've gone all out to align themselves with the anti-white race traitor enemies of our people, calling on Trump to denounce his reported white nationalism and giving grist to the mill for the 21st century theory that globalist Jews are out to replace whites in their own countries with cheap and more docile servants.

Their Semitic god Bible promises them 10, slaves each at the "end of time". Israel's Netanyahu and its media played down the massacre in Pittsburgh, letting the American Jewsmedia spread fear among their Semitic religion's cult followers go into a panic over the resurgence of Neo-Nazis, fascism and natural racism.

Israel needs new citizens and they're hoping that the USA's "Goldbergs" will pack their bags and come running to a foreign put-in-place tinderbox country in the Middle East not bloody likely. First of all, white women voters still run North America into a multicult cesspool, worse than Brazil. There are not normal white racists nationalists to fill the streets that even their leaders are surprised at the groundswell of popular support and you'll know it's true. Soon it will be the subject of publicity and positivity. White Nationalists have a lot of catching up to do because the public is much more populist and racist than the wimps and pundits of the Jewsmedia and would have you believe because they fearfully know the truth already by the comments, tweets and emails they receive daily from the ordinary Joe by the vitriolic comments.

President Trump is still surrounded by Jews. His daughter's still trying to be one. I hear it takes seven generations years to be fully accepted as a Jew by all Jews. Kushner hopes that they make some daughters; otherwise they'll be no Jews in the next generation for this new matriarchal Semitic god couple.

Today I read that the epitome of Jewish American matriarchy, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, just turned That's a long busy, nosy life. As soon as she's gone, so will the last three generations of the meddling Jewish-American empire that over-populated and racemixed the world purposely with military intervention and "aid".

A friend of a friend had their one-week-old baby circumsized because the father was I shook my head in disgust -- why put the child through such pain? The parents aren't Jews or Muslims and the evangelical Protestants are out of vogue. Who knows? Nativity scenes just don't have the respect or adoration they used to, with such fanaticism around.

Trump and company have unbottled a natural genie which needs to be around when good deeds are done, saying things like "That's mighty white of you", things that most are afraid to say. Tell all our enemies: resistance is futile. Far from being the religions of peace they are arrogant, matriarchal exclusivists or racemixer invaders and interlopers. However, many sane and brave white men and women remain who see the threat to their white race civilization and the nature of their opposition to their very existence. We are called white racists and white supremacists -- take your choice.

We are not afraid nor will we be mollified by racemixers fake news propaganda lies emanating from their news and entertainment Jewsmedia.

Cheap cesspool problems deals

Islam, Christianity and Judaism are not a race -- Only racemixer Semite god-cults that people of various and races belong to. The are the world's imperialists, not natural racists who want to mind their own business and live in their own comfortable secure state, confident that their neighbors will do the same. These are all natural desires because race trumps religion of any racemixers' god. If the Jews are supposedly so smart, they should realize the facts of life and offer the hand of friendship and understanding to those who are so natural that they are not encumbered by religious fantasy stories of a foreign people.

Many have joined the "lite" Alt-Right Briebart, Infowars, etc. What's your background, Jewish cult members? I've known Paul ever since his university days. Paul Fromm's ads on Hamilton radio station James Sears. They're aall good candidates , but our man is Chris Brosky is best. I'll be interesting to see the combined white nationalist vote in this metropolis. These votes are the seed for the maintenance of whites' civil rights and heritage for future generations -- same goes for Hamilton. I'm sure our enemies will be watching and counting. Do your part -- mark your ballot for Paul Fromm for Mayor of Hamilton.

Remember, if isn't written down your mark it didn't happen. Good luck, Paul! It's not the white man's way to gloat over your victories. Sure, we hate the white race traitors here at the Nationalist Party of Canada just as much as our common sense white nationalists would. But it's with good will and fair play, to undermine our enemies further , instead of claiming ridiculous stuff. Remember, Trump won't last; storm clouds are on the horizon for this openly Zionist president, surrounded by Jews like Rosenstein from the FBI who gave Kavanaugh a free pass with a very limited invrstigation.

Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin does no white man a favor by advocating the legalization of rape to get back at Kavanaugh's white female accusers. It's just disgusting. Of course our enemies would love for white nationalists to look like mean idiots, so these kind of pronouncements are always elevated by the Jew Establishment and the reds to further divide the white race to immobility, instead of acting in unison, male and female alike; We already have the problem compassionate white women being naive to the point of the edge of the extinction of our race when dealing with nonwhites.

I've been in the white nationalist movement for over 40 years. I have seen a lot of virulent anti-Jew propaganda. Who benefits from that -- except the Jews and anti-racists; they love the power of victimhood and some idiots give it to them "daily". Who could be paying for that? It only makes us look like nut cases and scary -- just what the Jews ordered. Fortunately, most white people are just that way inclined. Just because someone is vicious towards our enemies doesn't mean they are on our side Keep that in mind. There are other kinds of globalism, like the two Semitic god cult religions stemming from the elitist Jews' god: women's Christianity and Semites' patriarchal Islam.

They both wish a globalist-ruled world where DNA-recessive whites would eventually with their racemixing. Both religions will use force to establish the rule of their Semitic god version of life on Earth. The effeminate cult of Christianity is in decline, failing to stop nonwhite invasions of their once-white countries and aiding their destruction by accelerating the nonwhite populations through their missionary work. Men's Islam, on the other hand, has taken up the gun among proud primitive peoples to kick out the foreigners among various nonwhite racial groups from Afghanistan to Somalia, from Morocco to Mozambique, etc.

Let them fight it out -- whites need some isolationism because foreign meddling will eventually destroy their kind through globalist assimilation. Therefore we say, a pox on all globalist racemixer efforts-- whoever is part of it. And even now, the deceptive, crude and rude are all over the screens for those idiots to imitate. America's Semitic God Christian churches have forgotten their moral position -- with the exception of homosexual marriage, etc.

Any belittling of the need for a moral renaissance for our dwindling white race undermines our future in a mad funhouse. White Nationalists may comment on current foreign affairs and external threats, but the real problem is our own mental attitude toward the importance of race and ethnicity, especially with hedonistic dummies who don't know their history.

It's up to all White Nationalists to insist on a moral decorum with White Nationalist groups and individuals, that we're all on the same public platform that our followers can adhere to. Doing Important work can also be enjoyable. None of these early white neo-racist politicians are that important, including Donald Trump; the main achievement of his presidency is that he has made it to earmark the Republican Party as the White Peoples' Blancos, South American style , where the Democrats with their traitorous anti-racist female leadership of whites and Jewesses that will eventually morph into the non-whites' party Colorados, South American style after their barren white supporters are dead and gone.

This will not change no matter how mnany Jews and Zionists are advising Trump for any future candidate coming from the white neo-racist identity voters dwindling everywhere almost into oblivion, until desparate separatists take over from all-white Constitutional Racist States fofr a severe and prosperous future,. Trump must be reminded that continuing support for Kavanaugh is losing him sympathy with his white women voters. Like I said, Kavanaugh is burnt toast whose stench will lasy unless Trump shows some unusual humility and grace in the face of all this scandal and asks Kavanaugh to withdraw his candidacy, nicer than he acted when he arrogantly applied for the job in the Senate interview.

Russian troops must be defended abroad, or "nationalist" Putin will lose popularity in this globalist military adventure to keep a Freemason-likw cult red regime in power in that Works War I colonialistrs' made-up country Syria. Who knows will be manning the missiles? One thing is for sure -- Israeli jets over Syria are in danger -- one could be downed soon. Second, Aryan Iran has suffered a 'terrorist' attack during a military parade in a city occupied by mostly Arabs who want to form their own new country called "Ahvaziya".

ISIS also claimed responsibility. Whatever the case, this is another example of Sunni Semites versus Aryan Iranian Persians trying to interpret the originator Arabs' Islam according to their 'Shia' view of Mohammed's dreams and teachings. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has pledged great retribution -- they're just waiting for their pin-prick excuse because they blame the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel for the parade attack. Who will they hit? Aryan Iran is on the Shia side of the Muslim divide and the Syrian dictator Assad; they all met and decided to form a no-war zone around Idlib for now.

But it can't last -- the rebels want to keep attacking and the Red regime wants them wiped out and Idlib restored to their control. Something, or someone, has to give with Putin on the Turkish leash. How long can that last? While all this is happening the Saudis and the Iranians are conducting proxy wars in Yemen with Shia Houthis under attack and losing ground to Saudi-backed rebels while the population starves. The sooner whites stop meddling in nonwhites' affairs, the better for all. President Donald Trump had better get out to the Carolinas and help out with the relief efforts right after Hurricane Florence passes through to cover his big mouth tracks about Puerto Rico's hurricane fiasco.

You never want to re-victimize victims with the Mantifort betrayal looming on the horizon and all of Trump's bought pals knuckling under to the Deep State. How about a few rallies by his supporters throughout the country for charitable donations. Trump just keep his populism's popularity to counter his anti-white globalist enemy, the mainstream media. Tell Him Populist Ontario Premier Doug Ford was way off base when he tried to reduce the size of Toronto City Council from 47 to 25, right in the middle of an municipal election when nominations had closed.

Talk about disrupting city politics -- that's what the Ford brothers did to Toronto traffic to a standstill with contractors extending projects as far as they can. White voters have had enough of anti-white racist fiscal conservatives. Doug Ford will be one-term premier of Ontario if he further antagonizes and disrupts the city's politicians and voters. Canada's answer to Donald Trump, Maxime Bernier. You know it when all the anti-white mainstream media is against his views.

The French Canadian politician had the audacity to suggest that multiculturalism has failed in Canada and everywhere else, for that matter. The newcomers are not assimilating into a Western white culture.

GPS Failed

No sane white man or woman can be happy for their children's future in this diversity Tower of Babel temporary society. English-speaking white Canadians trust the limited vocabulary of French Canadian politicians, from Jean Chretien and onwards -- they think they don't know enough English to lie publicly, so they're given a lot of leverage when it comes to their public opinions and hopefully they mean them.

Whether Bernier is successful or not in this endeavor won't matter in the final analysis. Sure he has shown all Canadians that the globalist Progresssive Conservatives couldn't care less about anything conservative, especially when it comes to conserving white society and civilization in Canada. No one can honestly vote for these kind of effeminate feminist cuckservatives and expect white society standards in Canada.

Canada is usually about ten years behind the United States culturally and politically, so we know initially that any Maxime Bernier party will officially be anti-racist, as natural racism rises proportionally to the failed racemixers' USA, who would never countenance any new busing programs. I think that the Canadian Englishman Jeff Goodall put it so succinctly , that even the commie and kosher Toronto newspapers printed his letter:.

Hate crime laws and human rights commissions have been created to deter any resistance, so not only are we voiceless, we are also penalized and censored if we try to express any opposition to our dispossession. Bernier is setting up a political party that will speak for us on these issues, and I believe the support he is going to receive will be massive" Toronto Star, August All their votes can be considered as racially-aware white nationalist votes -- the hope for the future of civilized Toronto now under attack from mostly-black violence.

The same can be said for any future vote for Maxime Bernier and any of his party's candidates. These will all be natural white racist votes that hopefully Bernier's candidates will respect. They are the future of Canada, that we are helping to guide with your support. It's sad, but true: some of the most talented and knowledgable advisors around Donlad Trump can't be trusted by the white people's leader yes, the white people's leader. Most Jews are globalists, as cited in Henry Ford's book The Intrenational Jew, and couldn't give a hoot for other peoples' racial and nationalist pride, just going along for the ride at Trump's basically white rallies where the attendees feel invigorated afterwards.

Whether its his personal lawyer Michael Cohen or longtime close friend David Pecker of the National Enquirer, they both betrayed him. Even Trump's ruling oligarch Jews in Russia ex-commissars who divvied up the spoils after the Soviet Union's breakdown can't be trusted. Who knows if the have a 'Golden Shower' video -- I wouldn't put it past Putin's KGB; He's the only guy who appears to have something embarassing on Trump, judging by his snooty demeanor.

Hey, Vlad, you're just an appartchik, put in a position of power by more powerful forces. Don't expect President Trump to say anything on any of this. But you never know: on Thursday he spoke in favor of white farmers being murdered and dispossesed from their land in once-apartheid South Africa. What other president would dare say that? Even the anti-white race Jewsmedia was taken by surprise, since they never once mentioned the slaughter in the nineties of white farmers in blighted, racemixed South Africa, which like most racemixed states, won't last.

CNN's feeble excuse was in their Trump's "misinformation" whine -- as if that passes for censorship. Trump is right to talk of the plight of poor whites in America. His supporters couldn't care less while the pundits and anchors on the mainstream Jewsmedia run around like Chicken Littles "The sky is falling! These are old empires whose people see the folly of American and their politics. These areas should not be treated lightly or disrespectfully as the cosmopoltian Jews around Trump and Israel often do, especially multicult, degenerate Limey Land UK , always acting to get inrio the fray and bitter at the loss of their old Empire.

White Americans don't want an empire -- they want a proud, nationalist state, as many new candidates in their November elections realize. It's all an act. But don't forget to send greetings and messages of support to President Trump anytime he deserves it, and tell him to tell his ersatz friends:. However, there is another elemet of losers that were totally against being sent to the new wild continent -- African slaves, mostly the US French pimps and whores, and petty criminals, to Quebec, and untold United Kingdom "orphans" known as Barnardos.

Oh yeah, and my once-"orphan" self. Many of them are still the underclass or low-income level for reasons of their own. They are not ideologically stupid because they are the essence of white racism and the white culture way. If they didn't have money, at least they have class by knowing that race is all. This idea really irks the new nonwhite arrivals who judge everything by what they see: The dazzling white civilization that whites have built in North America that they are now incrementally taking over by our low birthrate and their high birthrate and our open borders to all, as if this wasn't even a settled country.

That's called imperialism. The most irritating and haughty of the nonwhites are the East Indians and Asians. I know an Eritrian cab driver; we always discuss the conflict of the Horn of Africa. He knows who I am. Whenever I insist on buying him a coffee you feel like he really appreciates it, with his gratitude-filled smile. In that area of Africa it's still common for tribes to put notches on their firearms for human kills and if it was by stealth, you get more respect.

Asians have always been haughty. Koreans are curt. Don't let them do it. This is not a snooty class-ridden Limey colony, even if some rich still act as if it is. Any nonwhite immigrant's anti-racism should be condemned for what it is -- hypocrisy, judging by their countries' histories.

We don't need any lessons from them or even dirty looks. Remember what happened to whites in China during the Boko Haram Chinese-style racist Boxer Rebellion and read how they chopped off a ten-year-old redhaired girl's head, the daughter of a missionary where her mother waited, holding her hand. Egypt and Tunisia were no problem, as without their support, the FLN would have been defeated as soon as it launched its campaign of violence in But Liberia, Libya, and Sudan were a problem.

Ethiopia, although an ally of the United States, was a wise old African owl, having experienced brutal colonial invasion at the hands of the Italians in , a good four years before the Second World War broke out. Even Ghana had a little problem. Apart from the CPP leadership, the Ghanaian civil servants, most of whom had modelled themselves on the British expatriates they had replaced, also needed political education. What the Ghanaian intelligentsia needed, Padmore concluded, was exposure to good stalwarts of the anti-colonial struggle, who would explain clearly that not all African colonies would be released to independence by their colonial masters, in the relatively peaceful manner that Ghana had itself experienced.

The political, social, and economic problems that shaped the Algerian situation — the prospects of self-government as well as the control to be held over Algeria's resources — had emblazoned themselves on the colonial situation as a whole; for colonised peoples throughout the world were confronting the dangerous politics of European imperialism. Brockway poured scorn on the French attempt to convey the idea that there was some sort of almost mystical 'historical' or 'familial' bond between the French settlers in Algeria and the Algerian people.

The truth was that the Algerian situation was indicative of a general pattern of exploitation and coercion that extended throughout the African continent, as European and NATO forces sought to ensure control over Africa's natural resources, such as oil, copper and uranium, for their side in the Cold War. Heard that phrase before? Fanon got there first! For in situations like that of Algeria, the colonial officials had left no alternative but violent action.

The two delegations won a hearing at the Conference of Independent African States, which opened in Accra on 15 April and ended on 22 April. Think of Liberia under US influence, suspicious of its young and politically fidgety neighbour, Ghana. What was Ethiopia to say? It was well-versed in the ways of imperialism, having been invaded by fascist Italy under Mussolini without provocation in , and left to fend for itself by an indifferent League of Nations. Recommends that the representatives of the Independent African States at the United Nations be instructed by their various Governments to consult each other constantly and acquaint members of the United Nations with the true state of affairs in Algeria, and solicit their support for a just and peaceful settlement, and to recommend to the Independent African States, measures which may from time to time become necessary to be taken, and in particular, find ways and means whereby the Independent African States may enlighten world opinion on the Algerian situation, including the appointment of a mission … to tour the capitals of the world to enlist the support of Governments.

Who but — Frantz Fanon?

But even before he obtained full diplomatic recognition status in Ghana, there was another objective that Fanon took it upon himself to accomplish. This was to make the case for legitimising violent struggle, before the larger constituency of African liberation movements. The conference opened in an environment of optimism such as only the success of the earlier Accra Conference could engender. Symbolically, a person from Kenya, a country engaged in an armed insurrection that had preceded what was taking place in Algeria, was elected its chairman.

Accra Community Centre, the venue of the conference, was decorated brightly with flags and bunting. Behind the dais where the top delegates sat, was a magnificent piece of art-work, showing a mighty, strong-muscled African, breaking the chains that bound him. You have a continent to regain. Most said nothing, for they knew that their colonial masters monitored their movements and seized upon any statements they made while abroad, to persecute them. He sat down and listened to speech after speech from well-meaning would-be liberators of Africa who could not hide the fact that their education and political consciousness had been largely shaped by missionaries and all sorts of do-gooders, many of whom were pacifists or closet pacifists.

Yet at this stage, the Algerian revolution had been going on for a full four years. Not only that, it was only eight months previously that Fanon — backed by Egypt and Tunisia — had persuaded the Conference of Independent African States to devote a fairly forthright resolution to the Algerian question. For once, he eschewed his usual dispassionate and largely intellectual modus of discourse and embarked on an emotional denunciation of violence on the part of the colonialists; a violence, which, he pointed out, made it impossible for their victims not to adopt violence in defending themselves.

To condemn violence in such a situation was to delegitimise the right of the oppressed to defend themselves, he emphasised. He vividly described some of the atrocities the French had committed in Algeria. Were the heroes who tried to save the Algerian population from French barbarities wrong, he demanded. These occurred during an attempt by the French in May to suppress peaceful demonstrations that had been organised in Algerian cities such as Setif. The French had used gun-fire and physical attacks on the peaceful demonstrators. Both the French settlers and the French security forces had taken part in these attacks.

In Setif, an Algerian merely carrying the prohibited Algerian flag was shot dead by a policeman. This had touched off riots. To suppress the riots, General Duval, commander of the military division of Constantine province, had called in the French air force and paratroopers. They responded with such extreme violence that 45, Algerians were killed within a few days — 45,! It was only after this that the Algerians had begun a well-coordinated struggle for independence, which, of course, France tried to quell by employing military repression, collective punishment, torture, and the erection of concentration camps.

Yes — ironically, France was erecting concentration camps in Algeria even as the atrocities that took place in Nazi concentration camps in Germany were being exposed to the world. An International Red Cross Report published only the previous year had confirmed the widespread use of torture by the French army and police against thousands of Algerians. He emphasised once again that the history of colonialism had demonstrated clearly that, however regrettable the decision to resort to violence might be, its use must remain an option.

The Algerians, for instance, had tried the method of nonviolence before. Where such retaliation becomes necessary, the Conference condemns all legislations which consider those who fight for their independence and freedom as ordinary criminals. He had liberated the minds of all African freedom fighters who had previously entertained qualms about the use of violence to liberate their countries.

Within one month, Patrice Lumumba, having gone back home was addressing a huge rally — against Belgian orders — when the police struck. Riots broke out. Violence in retaliation against violence. Within 18 months of the conference, the Congo had become independent. Violent resistance against Portuguese rule, which had begun in Guinea-Bissau in , became intensified as the people of Angola and Mozambique fought for their freedom. By the early s, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana had established guerrilla training camps for African freedom fighters at Obenimase and Achiase, where the instructors included East Germans and Russians.

I have personally been told by several African leaders who won their independence by fighting for it with arms, that these Ghana camps were the first place where they and their men received their first training. Fanon himself died of leukaemia on 6 December And if you fashion it with the people, the songs will come by themselves, and of themselves. And other elements of comic relief, such as Kamuzu Banda's fly-whisk or Idi Amin's chestful of medals. But Africans should not be too despondent about all that. For when an African baby is born, it cries first.

Then life begins to help to it break into song, accompanied by drums whose eloquence can never be stifled. So it shall be with African freedom. The encounter brought together some representatives of the African civil society from the continent and the diaspora around a number of activities to mark the beginning of a common life by the sons and daughters of Mother Africa, as one and the same people, albeit scattered around the world. After the solemn opening on August 21 at the Savana hotel, the proceedings continued at the same venue with lectures and debates centered around themes and projects such as: years of Panafricanism, the role of the African youth in the challenges of the 21st century, African citizenship for the African diaspora, the panafrican solidarity visa, the role of an African Civil Society Organization ACSO in the implementation of the African Union, the OAU Volunteers Corps, the New Opportunities for African Development NEDA , etc.

The climax of the week was the Reconciliation ceremony, which took place on the Goree Island on Thursday, August This ceremony was marked by a presentation of the history of the slave trade, an apology by Africans from the continent for the role played by their ancestors in this sad matter, the acceptance of apology by the African diaspora, and the adoption of the Panafrican Renaissance Declaration.

The washing of hands, sharing of the kola nuts and accolades also formed highlights of this great ceremony which brought together more than people. Important resolutions and recommendations were adopted at the end of this first Summit. Prominent among these was the resolution concerning the rigorous follow up of Goree within the framework of the partnerships without which the Summit could not hold. To this effect, a second Summit was previewed to take place in Yaounde, Cameroon, in the course of the year Prominent among the recommendations was the one concerning the granting by the OAU, of an African citizenship to the Africans living in the diaspora to enable them participate more efficiently in the development of the continent as a matter of their civic duty.

It is important to recall also the recommendation concerning the institution of a new right of entry into the continent, called Panafrican Solidarity Visa, which should yield at least million US dollars a year. Efficient methods to follow up these recommendations will be adopted during the second Summit of the African civil society in Yaounde.

The remarkable success of the Goree Summit was a miracle in the face of great difficulties encountered during its preparation. But it also bears testimony that the rebirth of Africa is a responsibility that Africans can and must assume, now. Introduction By the time of its effective opening, the Goree Summit had the following major objectives: - The celebration of years of panafricanism; - The adoption of the proposal of an African citizenship for the African Diaspora; - The promotion of African referendums as a higher dimension in the African democratization process; - The endorsement of a proposal for the Panafrican Solidarity Visa as one of the financial resources for the continent.

The ultimate goal was however to reconcile all the sons and daughters of Africa on the continent and in the Diaspora and to lay the foundation for Panafrican Renaissance. Participation On the whole, participation at the Summit was high though not as had been expected. Many African delegations were unable to make it to Dakar and this because of the financial problems and the failure of the OAU general Secretariat to honour its financial engagements toward the organization of the Summit.

However, some people participated in the various activities. The Summit program The Summit began on Monday August 21, , as scheduled, by a grand opening ceremony. This ceremony was characterized by many speeches delivered by personalities such as the Representative of the Senegalese Government, the US Ambassador in Senegal, Mr. OAU Associates 4. Panels For the first three days, the Federation and its Associates and the AFF were engaged in high spirited and useful deliberations on issues affecting the whole of the continent.

While AFF animated discussions on new technologies, the Federation animated discussions on big themes or projects with continental dimensions. Among the following projects presented for discussion by the Federation, many had been under study for several years: a NEDA: New Opportunities for African Development This project deals with road and river interconnections on the continent and OAU villages. These interconnections would enable one to move from one capital on the continent to another by road and or by water. Preliminary studies on the project were presented and participants were called upon to contribute on deepening reflections on it, its feasibility, and strategies of implementation, etc.

It dealt with the putting in place of African volunteers that would be deployed on different priority fields on the continent health, environment, education, etc. The need was raised for African volunteers to also move towards the diaspora to animate Panafrican Renaissance. The funds raised would be used to finance continental institutions like the Panafrican Parliament, the Panafrican Court of Justice, the African Civil Society Organization, etc. A report was presented on the state of participation of Africans in the pre-referendum initiated by the Federation and which is presently going on through the internet.

The idea of creating this continental organization was presented. It will seek to bring together the African civil society in complementary actions with the African Union in the quest to accelerate the development of the Continent. During these deliberations, major decisions geared towards paving the way for the realization of the projects were made. To facilitate the endorsement of the Panafrican Visa by Heads of State, an audience was booked to meet President Wade of Senegal to request that he formally present it to his other African colleagues.

On departure, the audience was not yet granted and the OAU Club of Senegal was mandated to follow up the issue. Copies of the request and the projects were also sent to the Gambian President for eventual complementary action. The necessity was recognized of the urgency to work toward the creation and institutionalization of the African Civil Society Organization as a major step toward accelerating the development of the continent.

The reconciliation ceremony On the 4th day, 25 August , Summit participants moved over to the Goree Island for the reconciliation ceremony. The ceremony took place at the court of the Slave House. It consisted of four major parts: speeches, washing of hands, sharing of kola nuts and embraces. Presentation of the history of the Slave House Mr. Presentation of excuses by Prof. Here is the text he read on this deeply moving occasion. Dear African brothers and sisters of the first Diaspora, At the end of our exchanges and discussions within the framework of this family reunion, we have understood much better the process of the slave trade which separated us.

We understand that it was a complex phenomenon involving European, American and African actors. It is a process that lasted a long time, a very long time, and which did not only separate the sons and daughters of Mother Africa, but above all, weakened and impoverished them both on the continent and in the diaspora, by bringing along with it other ills such as exploitation, servitude, colonization and multifarious domination.

It was indeed a crime against humanity whose ensuing consequences continue to persist today. As we all know, our ancestors who lived in Africa before this slave were one and the same people. They were brothers and sisters, cousins, members of the same clans, ethnic groups and other national communities. As a result of instigation by western slave traders, complicities involving different groups of our common ancestors brought many of those who remained on the continent to participate, at different levels, in the capture and sale of those who were taken to America.

We want to note the fact that more and more Africans on the continent have been presenting, in private and in public, on behalf of their ancestors, excuses to Africans in the diaspora, for the participation of their ancestors in the slave trade. We want, by this act, not only to associate ourselves to these requests for pardon, but above all to render it more generalizable in all African communities, wherever the need shall be felt. We, descendants of the sons and daughters of Mother Africa that remained on the continent, present to you today, descendants of the sons and daughters of Mother Africa sold out as slaves, our excuses and those of our ancestors for their part of responsibility in this sad business.

We pray that you accept our sincere regrets in the name of the collective memory of our ancestors. In the form of symbolic reparations, we offer you here one Afri whose value is equivalent to one South African Rand. The initial part of his reply actually expressed the first paragraphs of the Declaration of Panafrican Renaissance presented here below. James Washington, promoter of the AFF, did indeed admit that the slave trade was a real sad adventure for Africans and exhorted all African descendants all over the world to forget the past and to collectively look forward for a brighter future for Africa, where all African blood will be brought together as one people.

This, he said, was the justification of their presence in Goree, to mark the beginning of a new collective contribution to African development. This text had been in preparation since November Several revised versions of it had circulated and were even experimented in public meetings. Its proclamation actually formally launched the process of Panafrican Renaissance Declaration of Panafrican Renaissance Goree Mother Africa, you are reborn today out of long centuries of unjust sufferings, to play your irreplaceable role in the world.

We, your sons and daughters, were disunited, dispersed, humiliated, exploited and weakened by slavery, colonization and external dependence. As a result, the entire process of your development was dramatically disrupted and slowed down in the course of recent centuries. Today, we have come together to reconcile ourselves and, in so doing, to reconcile you with this regrettable stage of your history.

We have come together here to turn over this sad page of our history and to open a new one, fundamentally more positive. We forgive those of our ancestors who betrayed you and those of our contemporaries who continue to do so. We call on the latter to repent and to change their behavior. Mother Africa, your children participated, in a determining way, in the construction of the world in general and the West in particular, at the expense of their sweat and blood.

We shall endeavor to preserve and develop their legacy. We shall reap the dividends of this legacy to build a united, strong and prosperous Africa. Indeed, Africa shall henceforth help the world to revalue life and render it more just and more humane. Mother Africa, you are not poor. Your resources are abundant. We shall make them fruitful. Henceforth, we, your people, shall live together and shall ever love and cherish you. May the God of our ancestors bless you, bless us, and lead our descendants towards an ever-brighter future.

It was a symbolic gesture aimed at getting rid of the evil committed in the capture and the sale of Africans by Africans. Every participant came forth and washed his hands from water poured by Chief OSAWE while she was saying an appropriate prayer for the occasion. On a purely African manner, participants were called upon to share these kola nuts as proof that they had forgotten the past and were ready to forge ahead as one people.

This was a symbolic communion to cement the restored unity of sons and daughters of Mother Africa. This gesture marked a new era of a common purpose and a common vision for Africa. The OAU Club-Senegal was mandated to ensure that in future, any African from the diaspora visiting the island return with a report of the reconciliation ceremony so that we can, for once, turn over this sad page of our history and look forward into a brighter future like one people with common ambitions and vision.

A more elaborate document on Goree is being prepared by Prof. Maurice Tadadjeu and will be published to serve this purpose. General Recommendations At the end of the Summit, a number of recommendations were made following the discussions on the different panels.

The following recommendations were made in relation with specific panels: 1 African Citizenship for the African Diaspora The participants recommend that the Organization of African Unity systematically grant permanent citizenship to all Africans from the diaspora who request it, so as to enable them participate actively and fully in the construction of a United Africa as a matter of their civic duty.

The participants recommend that the Organization of African Unity put in place a committee to study the issue of reparations to be paid by slave trading and colonizing nations to descendants of the victims. Documents available on request. Sawandi, M. First Serial RightsTariq M. Nature has programmed every human body-type with certain food parameters which helps to prevent damage to the biochemical nutritional homeostasis balance.

It is important to understand that energy is the basic unit of the human body. African Americans are 1. About 72, African Americans have sickle cell anemia, and the disease occurs in approximately 1 in every African-American births and 1 in every 1,, Hispanic-American births. Approximately 2 million Americans, or 1 in 12 African Americans, carry the sickle cell trait. The Western View of Health and Disease The average doctor today under the Western system of medicine has spent over ten years acquiring training to learn about disease causation.

There are many diseases that plague the human family today which modern science has spent many billions of dollars searching for a prevention or cure, but they are no closer to the answers today than they were over a hundred years ago. The African physician would advise or teach their patient what lifestyle, nutritional, emotional, or dietary changes should be made to alleviate the condition.

The human body contains millions of microorganisms which support and help to keep our immune systems healthy and have enabled us to have healthy lives. African Physiology and Nutritional Needs The African health scientists have discovered that many of the intricate biochemical processes that govern the body can be influenced by the presence or absence of certain vitamins, minerals, or nutrients. The science of African bio-chemistry is based on the melanin molecule which is dominant in Africans.

According to Dr. See Diagram 1 This is because Melanin is found not only in the skin, hair, and eyes, but it is also contained in many other vital organs of the body as well. The pigment chlorophyll is necessary for all vegetation. Jewel Pookrum. When melanin becomes toxic, it adversely affects the biochemistry, and the individual with toxic melanin becomes susceptible to a host of diseases.

Let us pause, then, and reflect on the significance of this knowledge. Let us return to the main topic — African Bio-chemistry, and to the realm of those questions for which we do have answers. The compound nitriloside occurs abundantly in nature in over twelve hundred edible plants and found virtually on every continent in the world. Like sugar, nitrilosides can be classified as a food component or a food factor.

African physiology evolved over millions of years to be in the best possible harmony with the diet our ancestors were eating. The African diet was primarily vegetarian. That is, our diet was almost exclusively from the plant kingdom. The Protective Role of Nitriloside Foods against Cancer For centuries, nitriloside-rich plants were used by Africans as a food and medicinal agent without manifesting any side effects. Numerous studies have demonstrated the anti-cancer effect of nitriloside food nutrients.

Ernst T. Krebs, a biochemist in San Francisco. As far back as , Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the world famous medical missionary to Africa , discovered the basic cause of cancer. Bio-chemical Process of Nitriloside against Cancer Cells The nitriloside compound is a crystalline structure which contains two units of glucose sugar , one of benzaldehyde, and one of cyanate, which are tightly bonded together.

There is only one substance that can unlock the nitriloside molecule and release the cyanate and benzaldehyde. Robert Huston which appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in , he learned that sickle cell anemia could be controlled by cyanate tablets. The significance of this research is that the solution to sickle cell anemia can be found in the field of nutrition rather than drugs, blood thinners, and blood transfusions.

Other Health Benefits of African Nutritional Factors Another welcomed consequence of eating nitriloside and thiocyanate plant foods is that they prevent high blood pressure, arthritis and rheumatism, gastrointestinal disorders, and cardiovascular disease. Experiments conducted by Dr. Ernest Krebs have indicated that trace amounts of cyanate and benzaldehyde released in the mouth and intestines are a part of the delicate balance of nature and serve beneficial effects in the human body. High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease But, more than that, thiocyanate is known as a natural regulator of blood pressure, which helps to prevent hypertension high blood pressure in African physiology.

Traditional African doctors consider heart disease arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, and hypertension to be a combination of poor nutrition and destructive eating habits. Arthritis and Rheumatism The fact is nitriloside food factors also serve as bio-chemical mechanisms in African physiology to prevent rheumatism and arthritis.

Once they enter into the blood stream, derivative compounds called "salicylates" are produced. Whereas rheumatoid arthritis disease afflicts millions of people of African descent in the U. In this connection, Robert Houston, M. As demonstrated in the foregoing research, nature has assigned to the African body-type a specific diet for keeping it vital, healthy, and free from cancer. Blazing the trail and dominating the field in this direction, are African female novelists such as Nwapa , , , , Ba , Emechata , , , , , Head , Njau , Ogot , Waciuma , all of whom, write from the African feminist perspective.

Her writings, in other words, draw serious attention to the brutalities, subordination and other oppressive realities and manifestations of the trammels of tradition on women in Africa. And her aim is to use the avenue of fiction to counsel modern African men towards putting a halt to the negative experience of patriarchal exploitation of women in Africa.

She highlights on the importance attached to having children and thereby stresses the unenviable lot of childless or barren women within the community. She examines the necessity for economic independence through determination and hard work, a sine qua non for self-fulfillment and freedom of action for a woman in the African context. Her writings, as much as those of her colleagues earlier mentioned, indeed aim at showing that women have multiple capacities that go beyond mere relevance for domestic assignment.

To validate this, her female creations are, in general, industrious, businesslike and economically independent, pursuing with seriousness of purpose and determination whatever they have set their minds upon. Her principal point of view is that modern African society must change its attitude towards the woman, marriage and motherhood, which, desirable as it is, constitutes only an option for womanbeing in contemporary Africa. And that women, when given the chance, can tower over men in mental and material achievements.

They demonstrate the confidence she has in the ability of African women to lead a life of fulfillment within or outside marriage unfettered by men, provided they are economically independent. Through their discourse of protest, and their other works which show that whatever a man can do, a woman can do it even better, they call attention to the plights of women in Africa, to the injustices of patriarchal orientation of the traditional culture against the girl child, and to the need for African parents to take interest in giving adequate start in life to the girl child.

The sequel is the development, presently, of a new vision for a balanced education of the modern girl child in contemporary Africa. Of course, not-withstanding the immense positive contributions of such writings as have just been highlighted, feminist studies in Africa have a number of limitations. One is their one-sided emphasis on the theme of woman subordination in Africa. By their omission to give account of the positive aspects of womanbeing in traditional Africa their writings overshadow and fail to draw out the immense contributions and the agentic role of women in peace building and conflict resolutions in traditional African societies.

Such omission creates the unnecessary impression of African women as victims rather than givers and builders of culture within the society. And the result is the prevailing opposition that now exists between women and men in contemporary Africa. Were the positive contributions of women in traditional African societies to be seriously reviewed and noted, both groups would have seen the indispensability of the other in the arduous task of nation building and harmonious living in contemporary African societies. It is against the background just presented that one can then see the great importance of the present colloquium coming at the instance of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue PCID aimed at providing an unrivalled opportunity for giving a proper space and account of the positive contributions of women in peace building and conflict resolutions in traditional African societies.

By thinking out and sponsoring such a meeting the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue has done a valuable job of helping to give voice to the often unsung role of women in promoting the culture of peace in Africa. In my attempt to contribute towards highlighting the role of women in peace building and conflict resolution in traditional African societies, I intend to engage in some selective review of extant and most recent literature on this theme.

At the end of the review an attempt will be made to collect together insights available in the literature on the subject of the present paper. Conclusions regarding the role women played in peace building and conflict resolution in traditional societies will then be summarized. Implications of the result and some recommendations arising therefrom will be highlighted thereafter. Studies on Women and Peace in traditional Africa There is, to the best of my knowledge, one principal published text focusing on women and peace in traditional Africa.

It is that one text that is reviewed below. It is composed of a number of case studies, which were carried out between the mids and the year These studies were aimed at evaluating the role of women and peace in six African countries: Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Namibia, Somali, and Tanzania. The results clearly demonstrate an interesting collage of traditional conflict resolution and peace-building practices in Africa south of the Sahara.

Consequently a thorough review of the six studies will be vital, as so doing would draw attention to important insights into the relevance of traditional African women agency in peace-building and conflict resolution practices that are worthy of our attention in our current search for solutions for the peace problems bedeviling the life and opportunities of people in contemporary Africa. The first of these studies is the one undertaken by Heike Becker.

It investigated,, in particular, the role played by women in the practice of peace restoration rituals in the aftermath of war. The specific objectives of the study were: 1 to highlight the part played by women in conflict prevention and the peaceful settlement of conflicts in traditional Burundian society; 2 to examine the role Burundian women can have today in the search for a peaceful solution to the current crises; 3 to put forward recommendations enabling Burundian women to make a contribution to the peaceful settlement of conflicts.

Lihamba carried out the third study. The fourth study explored the role played by women of the Central African Republic in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. The researchers include M. The analysis was based on some 60 respondents, living in the eight boroughs of Bangui and aged between 35 and 80, who expressed their opinions and concerns about the evolution of society and peace.

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It highlighted the factors that contribute to conflict and war among the people of Somali. Valerie Ngongo-Mbede carried out the sixth study. It explored the place and role of women in the mediation of conflicts in the traditional society of Cameroon. It also examined the concept of peace in traditional Cameroonian society. Findings The six studies taken together generated two kinds of findings. These findings are presented below. The meaning of peace in traditional Africa One of the most important results from the Cameroonian study is its finding on the African traditional notion of peace.

According to the traditional Cameroonian people peace is not seen as an absence of war. The absence of such qualities was seen as the sign of conflicts, which could be either latent or overt. It was that harmony and freshness which provided farmers with good crops, fishermen with abundant catches and hunters with game. When there was enough food for everyone, peace would reign in homes and families, clans and tribes.

As nobody had any reason to be envious of anybody else, neighboring communities could live in peace, visit one another during the off-seasons and attend weddings and funerals. It is interesting to note that respondents from both the Somali and the Burundi surveys also confirmed the above notion. Women and peace building through positive childcare An important finding from all the six studies reviewed is that African traditional societies assigned to women the role of educator. Such education is the type that starts from the cradle and was effected by means of a variety of activities in which the children participated.

Thus the most general implication in all the six studies is the understanding that peace is not born but made and that the culture of peace in traditional African societies was implanted in a child through responsible upbringing and socialization undertaken and supervised by mothers. Indeed the central message in these studies is that peace building was taken seriously in traditional African societies and that it is established, little by little, in young minds and mounded in the behaviour and personality of the young through the agency of the mother.

In particular, these studies reported that girls were specifically trained in their duties and responsibilities as women and that the elderly women were responsible for this training. It was suggested that from early childhood, each child was exposed to a variety of songs, stories, proverbs and sayings directed by the mother or the aunt and conveyed at the fireplace or after the evening meals, which aim at reducing conflict. The songs, stories, proverbs and sayings contain simple but clear messages and moral teachings. Indeed some of the studies went ahead to suggest that African mothers in such stories and songs tried to project to the children what they expect of them as sons and daughters in family and community relationships.

They showed that in sum, the themes of such stories and songs expect the children to demonstrate: 1 responsibility through reciprocity; 2 honesty and loyalty through mutuality and deference; and 3 faith and compassion through inner strength and self-control. They also focus on the importance in human living and mutuality, of consideration for others. According to some of the reports there are many stories that talk of greed and individual interests as major sources of conflict and the young men and women are warned against them. Certain myths given to children in those days were meant to emphasize the fact that to avoid war can sometimes be an act of good leadership.

Some stories also underscore the negative aspects of conflict and hostilities such that these become a deterrent. Speaking particularly of the people of Burundi in this issue of women and mothers as peace educators in traditional Africa, Ntahobari and Ndayiziga observe that: It was primarily the mother that had responsibility for the upbringing of the children. Children, especially when very young, remained with their mother, who would look after both boys and girls until they reached a given age for boys, until the time when their father took over the responsibility.

There were strict rules to be complied with on how to dress, speak, eat and even walk and sit especially for girls. Supporting the above, one respondent from the Burundian study notes that in traditional Africa: Children live in the home of their birth, observing what is done, watching their parents and elders and following their example. This period of extended observation is supervised by the mother, who has her young children constantly at her side, giving them punishments scaled to their years, so that from an early age, children come to acquire an appetite for those human qualities, immensely valuable to the society, that denote a good upbringing.

In addition, in all these studies reviewed, the indication was that disciplinary measures existed, even for the very young, to set them on the right road at an early stage. Their mothers were expected to be particularly careful about it, and that it was a source of special pride to a mother when a daughter was prized for her qualities. Women taught their daughters and sons, proper behaviour and the ethos of society, and impressed on them the importance of such values as honesty, uprightness and the necessity to compromise.

In her view, this natural role of women is not unique to any particular ethnic group in Tanzania, but rather is generalized throughout the country. They teach the boys the rules of the game, particularly norms relating to the wild animals that can be hunted and those that cannot and should not be touched. Among the animals that cannot be hunted are the ones that are pregnant and those with calves. They make every effort to lay the foundation for a healthy, confident society that can take charge of its destiny.

When a family is built, women are the foundation and the fundamentals of learning and values ultimately lead to decency. Indeed, before becoming adults, we attend a basic school, and that school is mother cf. Mohammed, They showed them how to protect the weaker children and the handicapped. These observations and trends clearly demonstrate that an essential contribution of women in traditional African societies is their role as school for the young. Through their important mothering role, the culture of peace is entrenched in children as a foundation for peaceful living in families, the community and the clan.

Women and Peace building through social capital transmission Again, one principal revelation in the studies reviewed is the idea that in traditional African societies peace germinates and flourishes only on the manure provided by the presence of a number of key African cultural values. These values include: patience, tolerance, honesty, respect for elders, communality and mutuality, compassion, regard for due discretion, gentleness, modesty, self-control, moderation, flexibility, and open-mindedness.

In line with the above, the Mohamed Abdi Mohamed observed from his Somali study that: In order to strengthen peace, Somali customary law encourages people to uphold the principles listed below, which constitute the basic pillars underpinning the culture of peace. The principles in question include: tolerance, respect, consideration for neighbours and inviolability, respect for human rights and equality. Killing women and children breeds perpetual conflicts. The others are the elderly and the sick.

It was revealed too that the culture of peace underlying Somali customary law also covers non-combatants and civilians. The Burundian study showed that the education of children was the preserve of women and that it was they who played the greater part in transmitting important traditional Burundian values to future generations.

Little wonder then why respondents from the Burundian study had complained that most of traditional Burundian values have either collapsed or been abandoned. That being the case, they claimed, it has become a matter of urgency to rehabilitate the culture of Burundi and restore its prestige so that it contributes today, as it did in the past, to making a balanced and cohesive society.

In their view, the first step toward this should be to redefine the role of the family and the mother in our contemporary society. Thus, when a conflict degenerated into armed violence, an appeal would usually be made to a third party of mature years to calm the tension and reconcile the combatants. Such an appeal for mediation was usually made to a woman who enjoyed the consideration and respect of all who knew her. When words proved fruitless, the women would threaten to expose their nakedness or to go down on their knees.

In either case, the gesture signified a curse for those who bore the responsibility for such grave acts. Because of the respect that the enemy soldiers had for the women, they would usually put down their weapons before the fateful acts were accomplished. Do not fight with your brothers. They have sent us to sue for peace. The same conflict mediation charisma is reported of women among the traditional Burundi people.

According to the researchers, Ntahobari and Ndayiziga 16 : Although the traditional Burundi society was organized and structured in ways that encouraged cohesiveness and peaceful coexistence, from time to time, like any other human society, it experienced conflict. Conflicts arose between individuals, within a family, between different, families or between the inhabitants of different territories.

To manage such conflicts, traditional society had well-organized regulatory machinery in which women generally played a major part. Under this system a woman was recognized as having an advisory role, behind the scenes, mainly where her husband was concerned, and as playing an active part in strengthening solidarity and social harmony generally. Within this structure, women played the more unobtrusive yet leading substantial role, both in their families and within their own circle. Indeed indications from all the six studies had been that at home, the traditional African wife exercised a considerable influence over her husband although it was reported that authority was forced to remain discreet, as it was a controversial issue in society, which could see it as weakness on the part of the husband.

As a result, the wife was usually discreet in public, but became the most influential adviser of her husband in the intimacy of the bedroom. Along this line, Mathey et al. It was during that intimate meal that confidential conversations took place between husband and wife. The wife called her husband by the name of her first son or first daughter, and gave him advice on the facts of life. That advice would greatly influence the decisions, which the husband later took.

In a similar vein, Mohammed Abdi Mohammed reports from his Somali study that among the Somali some women poets use their art to search for peace in their country. In one occasion according to the report, Faduma Qasim Hilwle spoke on behalf of Somali women singing about peace: We the women Have a complaint against men In the name of marriage, love and friendship We the women Demand peace in the country We demand security and prosperity The boys that we bring up We want them to grow up in peace. Indeed, among the Tubur Tupuri of Cameroon, mediation by women was primarily a matter of age. Once consulted, a Wog Clu converted both those directly involved in the conflict and witnesses.

She listened attentively to them, and then addressed the protagonists, naming the person or persons at fault and asking the offended party to forgive the offender or offenders. It could happen that the mediation of the Wog Clu failed to resolve the conflict, in which case she referred the adversaries to the head of the community. The Nare Bunsonre of Cameroon was responsible for the day-to-day management of the conflicts between co-wives, adults, humans and nature.

They communicated to humans not only the wishes for peace of the ancestors with whom they were in contact, but also the requirements for maintaining harmony with nature with which they were in communion. Now, not only did women in traditional African societies mediate conflicts between human beings, but they could also serve as intermediaries in conflicts between human beings and nature. Consequently in the land of Mungo of the Cameroon, for example, the report was given that any misfortune occurring in the community brought the latter to seek the mediation of the Kalbia, who were married women.

In these communities, in general, misfortune and calamities were taken to imply the existence of conflicts between the people. Not every married woman, however, was a Kalbia. Only those women recognized by the clanswomen as having supernatural powers the gift of clairvoyance, for example became a Kalbia. But once discovered, the Kalbia was associated with all meetings and consultations. She had a very wide range of action: she could determine the causes of the evil undermining society and hindering peace, and she could ward off fate and restore peace, because she intervened between disruptive forces and society.

Again these observations and others like them show that women in traditional African societies played strategic role not only in peace building but also in conflict mediation processes. They serve as bridge in peace restoration and conflict prevention when conflicts erupt in families, clans or communities in which they are bonded. Women contribution to conflict resolution: Practices and Rituals Under this theme the Somali study demonstrates that when clans fight and there is death, steps are taken to organize the collection and payment of blood money.

A marriage or marriages involving the two parties immediately follow this. This kind of marriage occurs between a man who lost a brother or close relative and a girl from the opposing side. And the point is that the married woman will give birth to sons who will fill the void created by the men who perished in the battle. In addition, the marriage is designed to bond the two groups, and thus to minimize the possibility of another conflict erupting between them. Continuing, the same report observed that in periods of conflict, there were times when a group of young, unmarried women from one of the warring clans paid visits to the opposing clan without the knowledge or consent of their families.

They were locally known as Heerin.

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They told the people that they were unmarried women, and that they wanted to be married. Because this was a well known tradition, the young women were welcomed, and preparations were made to ensure that they were married. This immediately stabilized the situation, and sets in motion a peace process that eventually resolved the conflict. They formed a human chain, lined themselves up between the warring parties, and refused to leave until the two groups backed down.

Their immediate objective was to see to it that the two armies did not shoot each other. A related objective was to bring in alternative conflict resolution methods based on dialogue and peace. In this way, women played a key role in saving the lives of those considered to be of high standing in the community. This act often created an environment that enabled the warring parties to settle their differences peacefully and to establish good relations. The Cameroonian study underscored the fact that in the traditional African societies the first wife was sometimes invited to deliberate with the men in the Assemblies.

Similarly almost all the other studies reviewed drew attention to the special place in society afforded to paternal aunts in matters of crisis management and conflict resolution in traditional Africa. Thus, among the Bakossi of Cameroon, it was paternal aunts or lineage daughters Umuada, among the Igbo of Nigeria who were responsible for reconciling the individuals involved in a conflict. Other categories of women were given to play the same role in other societies.

Hence among the Guidar of Cameroon, the Mazake or old women played the role of keeping watch over the community. They were on the alert, and reacted immediately at the least sign of destructive conflict between the members of the community. If they noticed signs of conflict or an insidious quarrel, they promptly summoned the protagonists in order to question and calm them. After this discussion, the mamas kept a watchful eye on them for an appreciable length of time, until they were satisfied that the conflict had been well and truly settled and forgotten.

When they are satisfied that their advice had borne fruit, they again summoned the two protagonists and asked them to drink some bil-bil together, and then to seal their reconciliation with a kiss to celebrate peace. Among the Bamileke of Cameroon, according to Ngongo-Mbede , the Magne, or mothers of twins, were considered to be blessed by God. Their mission was, first of all, one of peace. The arrival of a Magne in a place of conflict had the immediate effect of stopping the hostile acts. Once in the midst of the confrontation, she assumed responsibility for reconciling the belligerents.

Twins themselves were seen as tree of peace planted in the family. Her role consisted, therefore, in bringing everybody together, and considering everyone as her own child. In every situation, she had to endeavour to restore the peace required for the smooth functioning of the chiefdom. The Mafo also played the role of intermediary, in other words of mediator, between the chief and his subjects.

But to gain trust and respect, the Mafo had herself to be just and to show integrity. A much similar trend is noted among the traditional communities in Namibia. The healing rituals they engage in are intended to purify and cleanse the war returnees of blood-guilt. The idea behind the ritual was that the blood of person killed had to be conciliated. The killer had to be purified with magic rites, otherwise his desire to kill would spread to other people, disturbing the communal peace.

The killer was considered intoxicated with blood A kolwa ombinzi. It was believed that the blood he had spilled made him unable to control himself, losing part of his body, heart and speech. This, it was believed, made him speak in a confused manner Hiltunen Among the Owamboland of Northern Namibia, according to Becker , a person who had acquired blood-guilt was regarded as taboo because a dangerous power was in him, which he received from the blood of the person he had killed.

She cited an extensive account given by Loeb in which returning soldiers in Oukwanyama were mentioned. The Kwanyama believed that a killer was dangerous both to himself and to others until he had been purified. Loeb elaborates that every soldier who returned from war had to undergo some purification ritual. The same trend is reported in the Cameroonian survey where it was revealed that in the land of the Beti, the Mangissa and the Eton, there was ritual practice known as the Mbabi. This was a purification rite aimed at restoring peace. This initiative could come from the women themselves when they realized that peace did not exist in the community, that nothing was going right: people were ill, the drought was continuing, the land no longer produced good crops, there were many deaths in the community, there were epidemics, a member of the community was suffering from or died of a serious disease, some members were experiencing difficulties linked to community life, a member of the community had been poisoned, another was unsuccessful in finding work, etc.

It was the sign that love and peace were absent from the community, and prompted the women to decide to organize a Mbabi. The latter was organized in a grove or on a crossroads, after consultation of the oracles. It was exclusively a meeting of women who had reached the age of the menopause. The ceremony was presided over by a woman of very advanced years whose moral integrity was usually universally acknowledged. Men could on occasion, be associated with the Mbabi.

Even in such exceptional cases, however, it was the women who organized and presided over the ceremony of reconciling human beings with themselves, with relatives and with nature. The drought, in that case, was seen as a sign of conflict between humans and their Creator whom the former had disobeyed. The Mbabi always ended with the drinking of mystic potions by each of the members present at the meeting.

The above trends show that although, for so many years, the strategic role of women in conflict resolution in contemporary Africa has continued to be ignored. From what the reviews suggest it was indeed the women who led the way in many instances of conflict resolution processes in Africa of yesteryear.

So, despite their apparent self-effacement, women played a major role in restoring peace in traditional society. This was what happed within the framework of pacts, for example. As reported in that study a pact usually operated in the resolution of a conflict caused by the murder of a clan member. When required, a female mediator was quickly sent to the family of the victim.

The same report shows that within the framework of passive peacemaking by women, a girl could also be offered to the family of the victim as a form of reparation.

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Achebe reported of a similar cultural practice among the Igbo of Nigeria. Also it was mentioned that in certain situations of armed conflict between two clans, women used a strategem to bring the hostilities to an end. They held a meeting and chose the prettiest girl of marriageable age to give to the opposing clan as a token of peace. That blood pact put an immediate and final end to the conflict, as the girl married to one of the heroes of the enemy village now became the link between her parents and the parents of her husband. The marriage itself constituted an inviolable alliance between the villages involved in the conflict.

Because women belong to both those considered to be inviolate and to the three whose heads are protected, they are shielded from war-related violations. In times of war women were the only one who could move across the zones of conflict freely and without much danger. It was women who studied the situation, assessed the prospects for peace, and facilitated contact and communication between the two warring parties.

During periods of tension and in serious situations a peace delegation was sent. The Somalis are careful as to whom they would choose as a peace envoy. Those selected are required to possess a wide spectrum of qualities and competencies, including a sense of responsibility, patience, good personality, oratory abilities, decency, etc. They are well versed in customary law, and are required to know exactly what the problem is and what is at stake.

They are select group individuals of rare qualities. This is depicted in the saying: Two deserve utmost decency — Ergo peace envoy and a young woman seeking marriage. According to the same study, in many areas efforts aimed at resolving conflicts were not confined to the ergo tradition. There were also enlightened and visionary individuals in both camps. Those individuals shuttled between the two sides, carrying messages of peace and reconciliation. They include the leaders, religious leaders, poets and women. Responsibility for selection and deployment of peace envoy rested with crowned heads mentioned earlier , prominent leaders, religious figures and women.

According to the researcher, Mohammed Abdi Mohammed , married women, capitalizing on their neutrality and the privileges bestowed on them by Somali culture, shuttled between the warring clans, theirs and that of their husbands. They carried messages of peace and reconciliation, and they mobilized and encouraged the forces of peace from both sides. When the real cause or causes of the war were figured out, the aggressors acknowledged their mistake, submitted themselves to mediation and accepted the verdict.